Michigan Finally Gets Around to Doing the Right Thing...5 Years Later.

Brendan Gibbons kicked his last field goal for the Michigan Wolverines last fall. His eligibility ran out. Now he's been expelled for a sexual assault that occurred in 2009, a sexual assault that everyone knew about. A local watchdog group has been hounding this case for a bit now, Washtenaw Watchdog's (I mentioned they were a watchdog group) report can be seen here.

According to other documents obtained by the Michigan Daily, Gibbons was expelled because of a "preponderance of evidence" that he committed some sort of sexual assault while at the University of Michigan. Gibbons' accuser told police that Gibbons's then-roommate, All-American tackle and possible first round pick Taylor Lewan, threatened to rape her if she didn't drop the charges against Gibbons. (Dear NFL GM's be aware.)

A five year lag between an alleged sexual assault and a university investigation seems a bit, I don't know, idiotic. The Michigan Daily once again sheds light on how this ever came to be investigated in the first place.

Revised University policies regarding sexual misconduct may have forced officials to internally review or re-review the allegations. The updated policies, which have been in effect since 2011, state that any allegation of sexual misconduct received by the University must be investigated.

Buried here is the idea that some allegations of sexual misconduct were NOT investigated. I wonder which ones? How would one pick and choose which allegations weren't investigated? Hmmm. There are sacred cows on college campuses. 

Gibbons was expelled by the university on December 20, 2013. Apparently Gibbons was some sort of grad-student at Michigan. Michigan played Kansas State in the BW3 bowl in Tempe on December 28th, Michigan coach Brady Hoke said at a Dec. 23 press conference that Gibbons didn’t travel to Tempe, Ariz., for the Dec. 28 Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl because he was dealing with a family matter at home. I'd say so. Perhaps someone should have seen to it that he was dealing with that matter 5 years earlier.

In light of the pending investigation at Missouri over a similar slow footed university response, perhaps someone somewhere needs to start holding these institutions to account.

Posted on January 29, 2014 and filed under Sports.