Sun Belt Courts UMass, UMass Not Interested

The greatest bootleg conference in the country is attempting to get even more bootleg, if that's possible. They're expanding to 12 schools, or at least that's their dream. The conference recently entered into preliminary discussions with UMass to fill the league's 12th slot. Nothing says Sun Belt like sunny Massachusetts. UMass said something like "Awe isn't that sweet" or "That's wicked sweet" and said no thanks.

The loss of several schools to C-USA prompted the Sun Belt to add Appalachian State, Georgia Southern, Idaho and New Mexico State for membership in 2014, giving the conference 11 members for now.

The Belt truly is America's conference now.


Spreading like the plague.

Spreading like the plague.

UMass was just the next program to get courted by the 'Belt. Keep in mind James Madison already said "no thanks" and Jerry Falwell's Liberty Flames actively lobbied to get in, sadly the Flames didn't have the required 75% required votes. UMass listened to the Sun Belt's pitch but wasn't interested. Sounds 99% of the girls I asked to prom.

The Minutemen are 2-22 since moving up to the FBS level and playing in the MAC.

So where does the conference look now? How about nowhere? Do you need 12 teams, the Big 12 appears to be doing pretty well with a round-robin, everyone plays everyone format. However if your eye  is wondering there Sun Belt, let's keep it sunny, how about Jacksonville State or even UT Chattanooga. Or how about good old Sam Houston State? I suspect the Belt has brought flowers to Sam's door and Sam isn't ready to make that leap yet. 

Posted on May 29, 2014 and filed under Southwest Round-Up.