The AAC Adds Divisions

The AAC has come out of their Spring Meetings with divisions for the 2015 football season. So, you know, not next year but the year after.

Look a photo! #conferencehelmets

Look a photo! #conferencehelmets

The Eastern Division will consist of:

  • Central Florida
  • Cincinnati
  • East Carolina
  • South Florida
  • Temple

The Western Division is:

  • Houston
  • Memphis
  • Navy
  • SMU
  • Tulane
  • Tulsa

Thought? Well of course we have thoughts. BULLETS!

  • Nothing says Western Division like Annapolis, Maryland. This appears to be a wink to Navy's recruitment of Texas kids rather than you know...a compass.
  • The Florida schools held their breath and threatened to keep doing so if they weren't allowed to stay together. Congratulations.
  • No one, NO ONE, wanted UConn. "Hey kids, we got a trip to Storrs, Connecticut in November!" The league almost made them the lone member of the Northern Division.
  • When you think about it, the only other option would have been to throw Cincinnatti into the West, but Tuberville's contract only allows on trip into the Lone Star state per year and nothing further west than I-35.
  • Ruffin McNeil still coaches at East Carolina. Just thought I'd throw that out. Feel free to play at home.