Phil Steele Released His All-Big 12 Preseason Selections. Let's Analyze.

I'm sure I'd be disappointed if I actually met Phil Steele. I picture him constantly wearing Oakley Blade knock-offs with a beard and a blond white man jerry curl. Sorry Phil. Steele released his preseason All-Big 12 squad this week and because we could either talk MLB draft or Phil Steele, we'll break Phil's work down. Yep, totally topical.

Let's get this out of the way now, I have NO IDEA who the best left guard is in the Big 12. Like none. Phil could have picked a backup right guard and I probably wouldn't have known. Don't look for breaking O-Line analysis.

Bear in mind, none of this matters. So the pressures off.


1st Team Bryce Petty, Baylor

2nd Team Jake Waters, Kansas St

3rd Team Trevor Knight, Oklahoma

4th Team Davis Webb, Texas Tech

My beef here is with Jake Waters at second team. I get that Petty is first team, he should be. I think that we'll look back in 4 years after Briles grooms two more all-American quarterbacks and realize that Petty, et al were nice guys and swell teammates but not all that remarkable. Still, he's the best in the Big 12. I think Davis Webb ought to pencil in at number 2 here. I'm convinced he was the better option at Tech, including Baker Mayfield, last year. For some reason he didn't get a chance to show it until late in the season. Trevor Knight had a nice Sugar Bowl but it was one game with a month to prepare.


1st Team Malcolm Brown, Texas; Shock Linwood, Baylor

2nd Team Johnathan Gray, Texas; Desmond Roland, Oklahoma St

3rd Team Keith Ford, Oklahoma; Rushel Shell, West Virginia

4th Team Aaron Green, TCU; Aaron Wimberly, Iowa St

So how are we doing this? Is Aaron Wimberly techincally the "8th Team Running back?" How many teams actually run two backs? I'm confused. That being said I don't have a problem with this other than I think Wimberly is way underrated here. He played great for Iowa State. Those yards should be weighted in Aaron's favor. Like the exchange rate of the Euro vs. the Dollar. I also think Phil overrates the Texas backs. I fell for their press clippings last year. Never again. Shock Linwood is a great pick here. He'll make everyone forget about Lache Seastrunk.


1st Team Antwan Goodley, Baylor; Tyler Lockett, Kansas St; Jakeem Grant, Texas Tech

2nd Team Nick Harwell, Kansas; Jaxon Shipley, Texas; Levi Norwood, Baylor

3rd Team Bradley Marquez, Texas Tech; Sterling Shepard, Oklahoma; Quenton Bundrage, Iowa St

4th Team (AP) Trevone Boykin, TCU; Jhajuan Seales, Oklahoma St; Mario Alford, West Virginia

Can't argue with any of the first team guys. Goodley is unstoppable, Lockett would be the best of the bunch if Bill Snyder believed in the forward pass, and Grant is pound for pound the greatest player in Big 12 history. Or at least really good. If you're Dana Holgerson, shouldn't you have a guy rated higher that 4th team all Big 12? Just sayin'.


1st Team EJ Bibbs, Iowa St

2nd Team Jimmay Mundine, Kansas

3rd Team Taylor McNamara, Oklahoma

4th Team Blake Bell, Oklahoma

Ok, Phil's doing a bit putting Blake Bell on this list. Great job Phil, very funny. You've won this round.

Defensively let's just go through the first team because, does anyone really have any clue who the 3rd best inside linebacker is in the Big 12? I mean other than Phil of course.


Cedric Reed, Texas

Chucky Hunter, TCU

Devonte Fields, TCU

Ryan Mueller, Kansas St

Nice work putting Devonte Fields on the list at first team. Let's just acknowledge that the guy wouldn't have made 3rd team all TCU left defensive end last year. Gobs of potential, potential and a buck can buy you a grape soda. In a can.


Bryce Hager, Baylor

Frank Shannon, Oklahoma

Ben Heeney, Kansas

Eric Striker, Oklahoma

I assume Phil owes Ben Heeney's dad money, the same goes for any Kansas player on this list. I can think of no other explanation. I noticed UT's Steve Edmonds was 2nd team on this list. I guess Steve had a solid spring because he struggled with football in the fall. Erik Striker may be the baddest man on the field most Saturdays.


Quandre Diggs, Texas

Zack Sanchez, Oklahoma


Sam Carter, TCU

Chris Hackett, TCU

Yeah, I have no idea. I thought I saw Zach Sanchez get torched a lot last year. Sam Carter is a no brainer. I would have gone with Kevin White at corner, but WHO CARES?

Wait til we break down the third team all Sunbelt defensive tackles next week. Epic.