Throwback Thursday: 1988 Texas Tech at Arkansas

Alright kids we've gone over this before, the Southwest Conference was and is the once and future King of College Footballdom. Rife with cheatin', reportin' others for cheatin', payrolls, academic fraud, and Spike Dadgum Dykes. You'll remember that the ol' SWC wasn't so xenophobic as to not allow a team from another state like say, Arkansas to be part of the party. It was all well and good. We even tolerated Dr. Lou and Ken Hatfield. Which is where we find out latest throwback Thursday.

Give me some BULLETS!

  • The Red Raiders were led by Spike Dykes, master of the quick snap and draw. Spike also mastered winning 5 or 6 games a season which is just what he did 8 times in 13 years.
  • Spike coached at Eastland, Ballinger, San Angelo Central, Coahoma, Belton, Big Spring, and Alice.
  • Arkansas went 10-2 in 1988 and went to their first Cotton Bowl since 1976.
  • If you watch you'll see James Gray for Texas Tech, his kid Jonathan now plays for Texas.
  • Billy Joe Tolliver was Tech's QB in '88, he parlayed that into a nice NFL run that included a stint with almost every team in the league.
  • We've lost the name Billy Joe. I blame Green Day.
  • Quinn Grovey was the master of the read option. Watch Tech's lumbering linebackers try to figure out just what in the hell is going on play to play.

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