Edmond and Hicks Broke Bread With an Agent

Well the mystery has been solved, the two Longhorn players who ate with an agent back in March were Steve Edmond and Jordan Hicks, two senior linebackers.

John Infante of the Bylaw Blog, a guy who knows more about NCAA rules than Tom Penders, has reported that Edmond and Hicks are the guys. Apparently Cedric Reed and Desmond Jackson ate with the agent as well.  The agent Justin Bingman tweeted about the meals a few months ago but has since deleted the tweets. Justin, the internet never lets things go my man. It's the bitchy ex-girlfriend from hell.

Infante believes that so long as the meals were under $100, and let's be honest, they were, so long as the players pay back the cost plus 10% they'll probably face a one to two game suspension.

This all begs the following questions:

Are Longhorn fans excited that Steve Edmond, by NCAA edict, might not be allowed to play middle linebacker?

I'd go with yes. I'd also bet they're hoping that whoever fills in plays well. And by well the Bud means you know...he tackles and stuff.

Any chance Justin Bingman is a pseudonym for Uncle Nate?

No one has been able to locate Uncle Nate, and I doubt we have any photos of Justin Bingman and Nate in the same room. CLEVELAND CAN'T HOLD NATE!

If you're eating with an agent and you might face suspension don't you go all in on booze?

I mean an hundred bucks of beer can get you there. But let's just say for arguments sake you aren't at a place that serves booze, what then? I'd assume you're at Taco Bell, college kids love that stuff. I'd say you order from the Platinum Portion of the menu, the Cantina Bell section. You're ordering steak, not that "beef" crap and you are asking for a bag for your sauce selection.

How far will these these poor bastards have to run due to the ire of Charlie Strong?

I see them running on I-35 elevated. Until Charlie Strong gets tired of doing curls. While carrying the Shipleys and the McCoys.

So, you just got busted breaking an NCAA rule that goes public, what's the wait like in the lobby of Charlie Strong's office?

I'd assume you write your blood type down and tape it to your big toe.

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Posted on July 16, 2014 and filed under Southwest Round-Up.