July 22 Round-Up

We can do better people.

We can do better people.

It's been a few days since our last round-up. Blame it on the family and the real job. Blame yourselves. I'm reminded of an Alice Cooper story involving a pre-gig interaction between the Godfather of Shock Rock and his bandmates: as the story goes Cooper was strapping on his ceremonial codpiece and preparing to give the good people of Dayton exactly the kind of show they had come for, but he wasn't entirely into it on this given night, Cooper assessed his look in the mirror, turned to buddies and said "You know if you guys wrote better songs we wouldn't have to look like this."

Strap it on folks, we're rounding-up.

Our numbers are falling across the Round-up landscape, A&M defensive end Gavin Stansbury has left the team in College Station, Peyton Williams and Jeremy Reynolds are no longer on the squad in Lubbock, and Munday Mogul Paul Dee has left Tech as well.

That's more like it.

That's more like it.

The police blotter beeped the other night as, shocker, another A&M player ran afoul of the law and common decency. Victor Davis was picked up on shoplifting charges at a hometown Kohl's department store. He's been suspended, but in other news, he's got several new shirts from the Tony Hawk collection.

Media days have kicked off for the Big 12, Gary Patterson, Kliff Kingsbury and Art Briles made their appearances. Our Daily Bears thought the Bears were downright hilarious. The Bud would be all in favor of a Bearded Petty.

Back to the heavy hitting news that media day tends to birth...Kliff Kingsbury's watch, might have been a fake. Damn you deadspin, we won't have Kliff's good name sullied on the interweb!

Gary Patterson got frisky on Monday.

Coach Sumlin, your response?


So did Sean Oakman.

Rice, like just about everyone else, is expanding their facilities. The Owls just need to raise some scratch to complete their 60,000 square-foot endzone complex. Rice has added LSU transfer kicker James Hairston to their 2014 squad. As a graduate, Hairston is available to start kicking immediately.

Apogee Stadium is about to get turnt up!

Apogee Stadium is about to get turnt up!

In other CUSA news, the conference has inked a new distribution deal. C-USA and Sinclair Broadcast Group have teamed up to broadcast over 100 live basketball and football games over the next two years.  Sinclair owns and operates 162 stations in 78 markets including FOX, ABC, CBS, MyTV, CW, NBC, Univision and Azteca affiliates.  The network will be called the dadgum American Sports Network.

UTEP will be featured in four games this fall, Rice catches on twice, UTSA is also on twice and North Texas will make four appearances.

Speaking of UNT, attention college students in the Denton area, you will now be able to score beer at Apogee Stadium. I repeat, it is now legal to get blotto at Apogee.

We'll leave you with UNT's hype video for 2014. Get hyped up. And stuff.

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