Gear Head: The Best Look for the Houston Cougars

Gear Head is starting up a new series that all AD's, assistant AD's, designers, shoe companies, and athletes around the nation will want to take note of, we're picking the best uniform for each of our beloved Round-Up schools. Maybe a few others. We don't know. We've got a pretty full Saturday planned.

The "Best Look" if you will.

We aren't restricting ourselves to any specific decade, though sifting through the black and white stuff will drive you crazy.

In short, the best look is the look that the Round-Up schools should return to and stick with full time, not just some one-off throwback game, but all the time from here to eternity.

We'll start with the Houston Cougars. And dear Lord the Cougars need some help.

How about a brief uniform history? Sure, I have one right here.

Oh. Dear.

It could be worse for the Cougars.

Exhibit A.

You see this is what happens when you let Nike executives mix your drinks. You get school colors that aren't school colors, a helmet that is almost impossible to read, some bizarre armpit design and black. Always black.

The Cougs have kind of gone with the times, never really grabbing on to one timeless uniform design. In the 90's and early 2000's they went with the standard templates that everyone had.

They removed the stripes from their helmets, because everyone else did. They added superfluous stripes to their jerseys because that was the style.

They're the quintessential 8th grader, desperate to keep up with whatever is new and happening.

Don't be that guy. The next thing you know you've got 9 pounds of Axe Body Spray all over your nether regions and a full can of hair product stiffening what you now refer to as "bangs."

You're a bad weekend from a V-neck t-shirt and a barb wire tattoo.

In the 80's U of H had decent stuff, albeit predictable gear for the era -  astro-turf, above the calf white socks, white shoes, great mesh jerseys, and illegal benefits.

In the 80's every school had giant lettering that told you the name of the school on the front of their jersey. Nowadays we try to make names on the uniforms as small as possible because we don't want the font to effect the "performance of the jersey." Right.

In short, Houston has always wanted to blend in.

Except for one magical era.

Make a play Wade!


That's a young Wade Phillips there. Pudgy faced and doing a non-football move the way football program photographs were and evermore should be.

This is how men used to take their individual photos.

Now we pose like this.

We've lost something America. Ponder it in your heart. On picture day at your kid's pee-wee football league when they ask your son to take a knee and tuck the ball, tell junior to engage in a series of dives and lunges. They'll be better for it.

We digress.

Have a smoke boys, you've earned it.

Houston's best look comes from the late 60's and early 70's when men were men and mustaches were prevalent. You could take a drag off of cigaret at halftime or on the bench. Heck grab a puff between plays, throw the lit cigaret down behind the huddle, run the play and go retrieve it. No one judged back then. 

Close, very close.

Dear goodness look at these beauts. The curved "Houston" script is as close an iconic detail as the Cougars have ever gotten. It's a great detail. 

Also note the big bold letters, including TV/sleeve letters that you can actually read on TV.

The Cougars actually used the throwbacks a few years ago and they were equally awesome, minus the TV numbers. An easily corrected oversight. Look at Case Keenum here, in that uniform he almost looks 6 feet tall.

You know what we love about these uniforms? They are uniquely Houston. They 100% Cougars. If anyone tried to bend their script they'd be copying the original from H-Town city.

There was a guy who was the first to tight roll his jeans. He pulled chicks off that look. We all lived in his shadow. We also copied his look because we didn't have the sack not to.

You could be that guy Houston. You've done it in the recent past, do it again.

Houston, this is your Best Look.

White belt eh Kevin?

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Posted on July 26, 2014 and filed under Southwest Round-Up.