Throwback Thursday: 1990 Texas Tech vs. Houston

#TBT takes us to pre-renovation Jones Stadium and the Houston Cougars Run-n-Shoot vs. those pesky Red Raiders of Texas Tech.

Pay close attention to a few things...cue the bullets!

- The commentators can't get over U of H's run-n-shoot offense complete with forward passes and wide receivers. 

- John Jenkins hair color: suspicious at best.

 - Note the astroturf and how many players opt for the high-top basketball shoe. The late 80's/early 90's was the magical age when we thought astroturf and Tang were the soil and water of the future. 

 Pint sized thumper Chuck Weatherspoon

Pint sized thumper Chuck Weatherspoon

- The Cougs threw for 700 yards during this era. 700 YARDS! Keep in mind as you watch that in spite of the four wide receiver sets, Tech appears to play a base defense for much of the game. When the Red Raiders didn't play a 4-3, they left at least two linebackers on the field who seemed allergic to pass coverage. 

- Chuck Weatherspoon was a run-n-shoot GOD. 5'7 220 pounds of piston driving bowling ball, 

- From 1987 to 1992 the Cougars had the nations leading receiver. 

- Jenkins, a former Pampa Harvester from way back, didn't create the run-n-shoot, but he did oversee the longest running collegiate success of the offense. Smart Football has a great study hall on the mechanics of the run-n-shoot under Jenkins. Today we talk about run/pass option plays, the Jenkins offense at Houston (also made popular by Mouse Davis and locally by Sonny Detmer) featured option routes for every receiver. 

- Tech's starting right guard was none other than the pride of Alice Texas Bingo Mancillas. We need more Bingos in the world. 

- David Klingler would end his career as the SWC's career leader in total yards. He will hold that mark until the State Legislature comes to its senses and realizes that there's no reason Tech should play conference games in Iowa and Houston play conference games in Connecticut. 

 Tech great Robert Hall

Tech great Robert Hall

- Jamie Gill started for Tech on this night, but Robert Hall, maybe the greatest Tech quarterback one the pre-Leach era was waiting in the wings. Hall would end his career second the SWC's career yardage list. Hall played high school ball on that incredible and controversial Dallas Carter team, stripped of the State Championship in 1988.

- Tech would end 1990 with a 4-7 mark. 

- Houston would finish 10-1 with their only loss coming to the "Shock the World" Texas Longhorns. The Cougs were bowl ineligible due to sanctions incurred under Bill Yoeman's watch. Even so, they would end 1990 as the 10th ranked team in the AP Poll. 


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