Mid-Season Report: Texas A&M

The Aggies aren't winning the National Title this year. Cancel your reservations for Glendale. The Aggies can still be very good, even great, but they could also slip back to the back of the pack in the SEC West. How'd the first half go?

FIRST HALF MVP: Myles Garrett

Texas A&M University

Texas A&M University

Garrett has been the best defensive player in the SEC and one of the best in the country. He's been unblockable for large portions of the season. After his coming out party against Arizona State the rest of the A&M's opponents have taken a proactive, double teaming, holding approach to dealing with Garrett. 

Garrett has allowed Daeshon Hall to thrive on the opposite end and the two have formed a potent 1-2 punch, disrupting games plans and sacking quarterbacks at a record pace. 


I know the Hogs have disappointed, but the annual game in the Death Star has become a recruiting flash point. The Aggies won thanks to an incredible fourth quarter comeback and thanks to Arkansas being, well, Arkansas. There are/were bigger wins available, but until the Ags take down one of the bigger targets in the SEC, Arkansas will have to do. 


A&M's season was on the line in Oxford and Ags laid a big old egg. Three points and nothing even resembling an offensive attack for 3 plus quarters. Ad to that the disintegration of the quarterback position and the game was an unmitigated disaster. 

One could argue that Bama was a worse loss, but even with the loss to the Tide every A&M goal was still in front of the Aggies. Ole Miss was a game they had to have and yet they didn't show up. 


My personal prediction? Pain. A&M opens as a huge favorite over South Carolina. That's a trap, or could be. A&M's quarterback situation is a mess. Kyle Allen is either hurt, inept, or both. Kyler Murray has made his way to Kevin Sumlin's dog house. Jake Hubanek actually looked the most like an offensive threat. The running game has regressed under Dave Christiansen and the offensive line, once a perceived strength looks like a soft spread unit playing against defenses that play man ball. 

The schedule is favorable, Auburn comes to Kyle Field after the Gamecocks, then two very winnable games against Western Carolina and Vandy lead into LSU and Death Valley. Nine wins is not off the table, but unless the Aggies can find an offensive attack that doesn't involve a punter after three failures, the fall could be precipitous.