Mid-Season Report: Baylor

You can't pay Art Briles enough. Literally, you cannot hook up a brinks truck large enough to compensate the man. Two straight conference championships and two straight seasons of serious playoff consideration.

The Bears are 7-0. What's next?

FIRST HALF MVP: Andrew Billings

Tim Heitman – USA TODAY Sports

Tim Heitman – USA TODAY Sports

Andrew Billings is the truth. He's the strongest player in college football and is Warren Sapp quick. He's been the key to the best Baylor defense in 20 years. All he's done this season is make NFL money with his play. Everyone loves Shawn Oakman with his 6'9 frame and internet memes, but Billings is the player that holds the defensive front seven together and makes NFL scouts drool. 

If Baylor is going to make the next step, the defense is going to be the key and Andrew Billings is rock in the middle.

BEST WIN: Texas Tech

Wow, when you look at the schedule it's hard to pick one. Not because there are a bunch, but because there aren't many. This schedule is incredibly back loaded in conference and we know what Baylor schedules in non-conference. Tech was as close to a true test and Bears get. Last season the Red Raiders knocked Bryce Petty out of the game and almost derailed the Baylor season. 

This year the Bears came out and wiped the floor with a prolific Texas Tech offense. If anything this game demonstrated how far the Bears have come defensively. They limited Patrick Mahomes and the rest of the Tech offense and never let them in the game. 




After K-State things get real interesting with the loss of Seth Russell and the insertion of Jarrett Stidham. Stidham is the highest recruited quarterback at Baylor since Odell James back in the mid 90's. He has the tools to be the best quarterback since RGIII. Just not yet. In the mean time he's only got to steady the ship and use the great weapons around him. 

Baylor get OU at home, then a brutal back to back with a trip to Okie State and then a trip up I-35 to play TCU in the game of the century of 2015. That's on a short week by the way. Then they get Texas as home. 

That series of games will earn the Bears a playoff trip or expose them once again. 


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