Mid-Season Report: TCU

The Frogs have done everything we thought they'd do. They've done it with injured starters, suspensions, and guys leaving the program. None of that will matter if this team runs table.

How'd the first half of the season go? Pretty stinkin' well. 

FIRST HALF MVP: Trevonne Boykin

Yep, shocker. The best player in football is the best player on TCU's roster. Boykin has gone from maybe a wide receiver to a transcendent quarterback. The Frogs have the luxury of calling a play, allowing Boykin to change the play if he doesn't like the look, and then, if it all breaks down, he can just improvise. You can't defend that. 

Now he just has to stay healthy and keep doing what he does. It may take him to New York and then Glendale.

BEST WIN: Texas Tech

We could pick Texas, which was impressive in its impressiveness, but we're going with Tech because TCU was in the midst of a defensive injury induced meltdown and still found the points and plays to win in Lubbock. 

Wins like that matter. They matter because regardless of whether your defense ever actually stopped the Red Raiders, the scoreboard showed a win. Lubbock is the Bermuda triangle of the Big 12, any win on the plains is a good win.


Move along. 


We can't just circle November 27th and move along. The Frogs take two trips to Oklahoma, either of which could bring a halt to their historic season. But setting that aside, how incredible would it be if the Baylor game pitted two undefeated teams against each other for a Big 12 title and trip to the playoff. Let's hope that's where this thing ends. 

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Posted on October 31, 2015 and filed under Southwest Round-Up.