November 17 Power Rankings

You November 17th Power Rankings. Numerically. 

1. Houston - There we went and did it - put the Cougars in front of the rest of the establishment syndicate. Call us crazy. They actually have more Top 25 wins than Baylor or TCU.

Trending: Magical but beware: The Navy sails this way.

2. Baylor - Hiccup against OU. Funny how overly athletic teams that dominate the line of scrimmage can rain on your parade. 

Trending: Potentially tough times ahead. 

3. TCU - The Fighting Boykins needed Kansas to Kansas to get the win. Fortunately if there's one thing you can count on, it’s Kansas Kansasing. 

Trending: Oh dear. 

4. Texas A&M - You’re outside the top tier, nothing else matters except beating LSU. NOTHING!

Trending: Beating a “Western Carolina” does not improve your prospects.

5. Texas Tech - Life in Lubbock has been good. Life outside Lubbock? Not so much. A thanksgiving trip to Austin ends the Red Raiders’ season. 

Trending: Bowl I guess?

6. Texas - The roller coaster dipped in Morgantown. Tech pays a visit. Has their been a bigger Tech game since Crabtree and Harrell for UT.

Trending: Is inconsistent a trend?

7. UTEP - Statistically the Miners are the worst team in the FBS. Screw stats, the Miners are the 7th best team in Texas. 

Trending: The walking wounded. 

8. Rice - The bowl streak is in serious doubt. Seriously. Rice couldn’t block, but made up for it by not tackling. 

Trending: The descent has become quite rapid. 

9. UTSA - A win in Charlotte! Counts more in NASCAR but we’ll take it. 

Trending: Slight uptick. Ever so slight.

10. SMU - Blow’d out at Navy, but then, you’ve been blow’d out a lot. 

Trending: The tempo-copter is out of gas. 

11. North Texas - A moral victory in Knoxville. No a real win, but morally we all feel better. 

Trending: It’s almost over North Texas.  

12. Texas State - Georgia State doesn’t typically get to put in the backups. They were able to do so against Texas State. 

Trending: It’s bad Fran, real bad.