Monday Play Card

The U is back! Right?

Miami beat Duke on a last second, eight lateral, highly illegal play.

And just a week after firing sweet Al Golden.

They'll play next week. The ACC officiating crew that called the game? Not so fast my friend. Here is the list of errors that the crew made on one play. 

• Replay official Andrew Panucci should have ruled Miami back Mark Walton was down before releasing the ball on one of the laterals. If the proper call had been made, the game would have ended in a Duke victory.

• The on-field officials failed to penalize Miami for an illegal block in the back at the Miami 16-yard line. If called, the ball would have been placed at the Miami 8-yard line and the game would have been extended for an untimed down.

• The on-field crew failed to penalize Miami receiver Rashawn Scott for leaving the bench and running onto the field before the play ended. The penalty would not have negated the touchdown because it would have been enforced as a dead ball foul.

• The block in the back penalty that was called -- at the Duke 26-yard line -- was picked up after the officials conferred, which is appropriate. They correctly determined that the block was from the side. The replay official was not involved in the decision to pick up the flag; however, referee Jerry Magallanes did not effectively manage communication and properly explain why the flag was picked up.

Other than that, totally nailed it guys. Have some apps and zerts then Netflix and chill. 

There are those who are calling for the ACC to come in a take the win from the 'Canes. Those people hate Miami and freedom. We didn't take Colorado's win from Missouri back in the day after they scored on what was in fact 5th down. We didn't take away Ohio State's national title after several botched calls at the end of the national title game against Miami. We didn't take away Seattle's win over Green Bay after the ball was intentionally batted out of bounds. We didn't take away Arizona State's win or Wisconsin after the clock wasn't run properly by the home standing Sun Devils.

Sorry Duke, it was your turn in the barrel. Besides, you guys gave scholarships to/hold in high regard such terrible human beings as Christian Laetner, Bobby Hurley, and Doug Collins' kid. You brought this on yourself. 

That's what you get for scheduling Iowa State.

Whoa. Ouch. Whew. That stunk to high heaven Texas. Not only did Iowa State shut you out, but the Longhorn offense crossed midfield a grand total of three times. Iowa State was coming off a shellacking at the hands of Baylor, fired their offensive coordinator, and changed quarterbacks. 

They had you right where they wanted you Charlie Strong. 

Points, Points, Points!

Texas should have borrowed some points from either Oklahoma State or Texas Tech. Lord knows they had enough of them. The Pokes and Red Raiders combined for 123 points, over 1200 yards, 98 pass attempts, 65 completions, and two defensive coordinators who suffered PTSD. 

The two teams punted 8 times. We call that meat left on the bone boys. Meat left on the bone!

Kyler Murray cometh. 

These appear to be the facts: Kyler Murray cussed out his offensive coordinator, pouted his way through a game week, was passed over for a third stringer in spite of the starter having the worst outing of his life, won the starting job the next week, led the Aggies to a much needed victory over South Carolina. 

Depending on who you talk to: Murray's old man pressured Kevin Sumlin into starting his offspring, Kyler is a prima donna, and Kyle Allen is going to find a new location to ply his craft next year. 

Whatever the truth, Murray looked the part on Saturday. Perhaps it's a fleeting moment (remember Trill Hill?) or maybe Kyler is the second coming of Johnny Football. The good Johnny Football. Not the inflatable swan Johnny Football.