Sunday Instant Reaction Playcard

Chaos came and looks like it wants to stay a while. No matter who makes the Final Four of college football’s playoff, the great lesson here is nothing matters until everyone has clocked out and played their full schedule because you cannot predict what can happen. For example: You can’t predict the only unbeaten in the Big 10 would be Iowa; or that SEC East would be so bad; or Ohio State’s losing at home to Michigan State’s second string QB; or locker room blow ups; or concussions; or wide receivers turned quarterbacks saving a season. Well if they play for Baylor, maybe you can. Here’s you Sunday instant reaction play card. 


Tim Heitman, USA TODAY Sports

Tim Heitman, USA TODAY Sports

For anyone pitching dirt on Baylor’s playoff chances last week (sadly we must look in the mirror), the Bears aren’t near dead yet. What a gutsy, borderline dominate performance by the Bears with their 3rd string quarterback (who happened to be playing wide receiver a few weeks ago) at No. 6 Oklahoma State. But then again who’s surprised? Art Briles is a quarterback guru/whisperer/kingmaker. He does this stuff all the time. We’ll right later about roster based success vs. system based success, but just understand that Briles and the Bears have a system that makes great quarterback play almost a given at this point. 

The TCU/Baylor Game does in fact mean something.

While we’re here TCU almost pulled off what the Round-Up thinks would have been one of the greatest wins in Gary Patterson’s career. A third string quarterback, no Josh Doctson, on the road, Oklahoma having a playoff birth on the line and the Frogs were three yards from victory. (Going for two was the correct call in our estimation by the way.) All that to say, the Baylor/TCU game next week in Fort Worth means a ton for both schools. For Baylor it keeps the door open on their playoff hopes, for TCU it’s another chance for TCU to prove their elite, even with a depleted roster. Oh, and they hate each other. 

Ezekiel Elliott, that’s not a good look bro. 

Ohio State lost to Michigan State at home on the last play of the game Saturday night and shockingly that wasn’t the biggest story. Ezekiel Elliott, aka Kanye West with a wig, put his offensive coordinators and head coach on blast after the game. Some of the gold included: 

"How we lost, I just feel like we weren't put in the right opportunity to win this game, we weren't put in the right situations to win this game.”

"Honestly, this is my last game in the Shoe, I mean, there's no chance of me coming back next year.”

"You guys saw that on that drive, and we had a lot of momentum. Honestly, we didn't see those plays at all for the rest of the game. Those plays weren't called anymore. I asked for those plays to be called, and they weren't. It just hurts. It hurts a lot.”

"I deserve more than 11 carries. I really do. I can't speak for the playcaller. I don't know what was going on."

"I was lobbying to Coach Meyer all game. I think I do deserve more than [12] carries. I think I really do.”

Pro scouts love that stuff Zeke. Keep it going! Urban Meyer did jump to the aid of the playcallers either for that matter. "No, I was not content," Meyer said. "I call a lot of plays anyways. So finger will be pointed right here. And I have to do better. We didn't -- it was very conservative."

The Michigan game is going to be real juicy. 

Keep being Iowa Awesome guys. 

Meanwhile in Iowa City the black and gold train rolls on, running through everything in its path. Purdue were the victims yesterday. The Hawkeyes are a baffling 11-0. Now comes a huge matchup against Nebraska in Lincoln before a playoff determining game in Indianapolis. 

Quick Hits

  • The Round-up told you not to involve yourself in a conference with UConn. But you didn’t listen did you Houston. 
  • Florida was a play away from losing to Florida Atlantic at home. South Carolina lost to The Citadel. Georgia Southern took Georgia to the brink. The SEC East is a hot mess. 
  • Rice losing to UTSA on Saturday means the Owls won’t be bowl eligible for the first time in four years. 
  • SMU won its second game of the season with an impressive win over Tulane at home. 
  • Baker Mayfield may be out vs. Oklahoma State with a concussion. That alone could be a game changer in the Bedlam Game. 
  • Notre Dame eked by a three win Boston College team on a baseball field yesterday. I’m sure they’ll move up two spots in the Television Rating Playoff Rankings, errrrrr the “totally legitimate college football’s on the up and up ratings system.”
Posted on November 22, 2015 .