November 24 Power Rankins

1. Baylor - Huge, HUGE win in Stillwater. Third string quarterbacks don’t matter to Art Briles. 

2. TCU - Heartbreaker at Oklahoma, but Boykin gets better every day. The Baptists vs. Christians showdown is upon us!

3. Houston - Stifled by UConn in Storrs. Now comes Navy and a chance for the AAC Western title. 

4. Texas A&M - Ags shutout Vandy for their first clean sheet since 2004. Now the Aggies travel to Baton Rouge to wrestle the anaconda that is LSU.

5. Texas Tech - Off-week last week, trip to Austin this week. 

6. Texas - Off-week last week, unless you’re Charlie Strong to Miami coaching rumors. 

7. UTEP - Missed a kick to beat Louisiana Tech. Tough way to make a living, trusting college kickers. 

8. UTSA - Big win over Rice. Highest UTSA ranking since…well a long time ago. 

9. Rice - Loss in the Dome stops a 3 year bowl run. The Owls end the season at home against Charlotte. 

10. SMU - Blew out Tulane at home. Things turning up for SMU. Finally.

11. Texas State - Win over ULM at home. Perhaps the ugliest game of 2015. 

12. North Texas - Blow’d out by MTSU in Murfreesboro. Finishing the season at UTEP.