November 3rd Power Rankings

The field is starting to separate itself. The top 2 are moving away, the middle of the pack is creating distance from the lower third, and the bottom two are digging in the opposite direction. 



1. Baylor

After a bye week the great experiment begins on Thursday night in Manhattan. 

2. TCU

This is a rather large week for the Froggies: Oklahoma State in Stillwater, a battle of the unbeatens. 

3. Houston

CONTROVERSIAL! Tell us why the hell not? The Cougs curb stomped Vanderbilt. Cincy comes to town this weekend. 

4. Texas A&M

Kyler is starting. Auburn is coming. Big week for the little Aggies. 

5. Texas Tech

How does it feel to score 53 and lose by 17? Call coach Bro and ask him.

AP Photo/Justin Hayworth

AP Photo/Justin Hayworth

6. Texas

Seriously, what do we make of this season Charlie? Explain it to us. 

7. Rice

The Owls got blow'd out by Louisiana Tech at home. In a make or break game, they got broke. 


The Miners got blow'd out by Southern Miss on the road. In a make or break game, they got broke. 

9. SMU

The best 1-7 team in America? Not a trophy you want Chad. 

10. Texas State

Oh Fran. Lifelines are disappearing. 

11. North Texas


Big win for the Mean Green in the Bottom Bowl on Saturday. Reality reappears in Ruston on Saturday.

12. UTSA

To be the man you have to beat the man. Nope. Couldn't do it could you.