November 10th Power Rankings

Just a few games left. No time to waste. The Power Rankings have never meant more.

1. Baylor (8-0 Won 8)

The Bears survived Manhattan and a freshman quarterback. Now the meat grinder begins with Gameday and Oklahoma on Saturday night. Then a road trip to Stillwater. We know what happens there. 

Trending: Holding nice and steady. 

2. Houston (9-0 Won 9)

The impossible dream! It's within grasp. Two big ones that could pad the old resume. Memphis Saturday night and two weeks later, Navy. 

Trending: You're a sky rocket Houston!

3. TCU (8-1 Lost 1)

Dang. The injuries and defections have caught up with the Frogs. TCU gets a respite with Kansas on Saturday, then it's OU and BU back to back. 

Trending: You've been Poked. 

4. Texas A&M (6-3 Lost 1)

Changes will be made. 2015 looks a lot like 2015. A&M cannot run the ball and the meat of the SEC lineup is beating up on them. The Ags can get to 8 wins before the Baton Rouge trip. I guess things could be worse. 

Trending: Bottom falling out?

5. Texas Tech (5-5 Lost 2)

The Raiders lost a game they could have won in Morgantown. Now they need to beat K-State and Texas to get to 7 wins. 

Trending: Meh. 

6. Texas (4-5 Won 1)

Two winnable games and Baylor are left. Oh if only the Horns could play teams from Kansas every week. 

Trending: No points for beating Kansas.

7. UTEP (4-5 Won 1)

UTEP kept it's bowl hopes alive with a win over Rice. Beware Old Dominion on the road. (where is Old Dominion by the way, I have know idea other than Virginia.) A bowl with the injuries the Miners have had to contend with would be a huge step. 

Trending: Slight uptick. Why not. 

8. Rice (4-5 Lost 2)

You lose to UTEP, you drop below UTEP. Two more wins and the Owls are there as well. I think they get there, and beating Southern Miss would be a cherry on top. 

Trending: Close keeps you status quo I guess. 

9. SMU (1-8 Lost 7)

Oh dear. That defense though. Can you really say a 1-11 season is an improvement? We're about to find out. 

Trending: Going down, down. 

10. North Texas (1-8 Lost 2)

A loss to Louisiana Tech isn't unexpected, giving up 195 yards to a Bulldog running back doesn't bode well. 

Trending: This won't end well. Didn't start well either. 

11. Texas State (2-6 Lost 3)

Sorry Fran, you lose to NMSU, your seat gets real hot. You get a week off before facing 1-8 UL Monroe. 

Trending: Titanic + Iceberg 

12. UTSA (1-8 Lost 5)

You lost homecoming. That's not a good look. 

Trending: Oh dear.