Your Monday Afternoon Playcard

Gary Pinkle Ladies and Gentlemen

Gary Pinkle joined his team in protest of the current (edit, now former) University President and what is perceived to be a lack of response to racist acts on campus. Interesting position for a coach, but maybe the only one he could take. Pinkle knows that to win a Missouri he'll need to recruit well and to recruit well he'll need to tap into African American recruits from around the country. 

Still, taking sides on the issue may put him at odds with his bosses and the State and University level down the road, should Missouri's backsliding continue. 

Undefeateds Go Down

Saturday was the night of long knives for several playoff hopefuls. Memphis was trounced by Navy,TCU got blown out by Oklahoma State, and Michigan State lost in controversial fashion to Nebraska. LSU fell to Alabama, more on that later. 

Oh yeah, Toledo lost too, for those of you with Toledo in your final four. 

Alabama Moves Up

In the annual blood letting between Alabama and LSU the Crimson Tide dominated the Tigers, sealing their place in the top 4. For now. The Tide shut down Leonard Fournette and thereby shut down the Tigers. 

Bama travels to Mississippi State then ends the season with Auburn at home. With Ole Miss losing to Arkansas, the Tides' path to the SEC title game is clear. With the way Florida looked against Vanderbilt, so too is the Tides' path to the playoff. 

Clemson Takes a Step

Clemson didn't Clemson. At all. The Tigers knocked off their most significant opponent down the stretch by beating FSU at home. Clemson won't be tested until at least the ACC title game against what looks like North Carolina. As long as they don't Clemson against Wake Forest or South Carolina, the Tigers should be good to go for a top 4 finish.