Tuesday Morning Scatter Shootin'

Hal Mumme, wait…what?

Hal Mumme: Why the hell not?

Hal Mumme: Why the hell not?

UTSA’s coaching search is entering bizarro realms. Is UTSA interviewing Hal Mumme? Is David Bailiff considering leaving Rice for the River City? Is Curtis Looper the favorite? Paul Wulff, Seriously?

Who knew Hal Mumme had done enough after failing at New Mexico State and as SMU’s coordinator to merit consideration? 

Whomever gets the nod, it looks like UTSA has more money to pay than first thought, reports are the salary could hit over $800,000. 

Changing Faces in College Station

A&M has a new president, new athletic director, and a new offensive coordinator. The Round-up only really cares about one of those really. Noel Mazzone comes to College Station via UCLA, leaving behind who many believe is a once in a lifetime quarterback in Josh Rosen. UCLA fans don’t seem too torn up about Mazzone’s defection. To be honest, UCLA wasn’t exactly a dynamic offensive attack even with the aforementioned once in a lifetime quarterback. 

UTEP Needs Coordinators

Sean Kugler got rid of both his coordinators to end the 2015 season. He’s expected to announce new coordinators on the 14th of January. The positions seem to be up to for grabs between any number of names. Brent Pease, of early 2000’s Baylor fame and most recently of the University of Washington is being mentioned a lot for the OC job while on the defensive side, it’s anybody’s guess. 

Tech hires a Strength and Conditioning Coach 

Yep, that's a head wound. 

Yep, that's a head wound. 

Rusty Whitt will be blowing whistles and encouraging proper spotting techniques for Texas Tech this offseason. Whitt come to Tech from Louisiana Lafayette, where his head butted a helmeted player. We’re all so enthused.

Posted on January 12, 2016 .