UTSA's Coaching Search Ends With Hire of Frank Wilson

The Roadrunner search has taken more twists and turns than a telenovela and with more misinformation than Iraq’s former Minister of Information. It's over now with the hiring of Frank Wilson, LSU's running backs coach.

Wilson, a New Orleans native, is regarded as one of the nation's top recruiters and has been responsible for top classes at LSU in recent years after helping stockpile talent at Ole Miss in his first college coaching job. According to Fox Sports' Bruce Feldman,"Wilson has been a head coach before. At 27, he was named the coach at New Orleans' rugged O. Perry Walker High School in 2000 and transformed it into one of Louisiana's big success stories. He instituted mandatory study halls and pre-school breakfasts. He made players wear dress shirts and ties every day. They had to sit in the front row of the classroom. Wilson arranged for an academic counselor, who was paid through a grant funded by the NFL's Play It Smart program. In one year, the team's GPA jumped from 1.5 to 2.5."

Tigerrag.com has a great read on Wilson the recruiter. 

Inside a second-floor meeting room are four walls smothered with recruits’ names. It’s a war room of sorts, full of hundreds of nameplates with pictures, locations and measurements of each player LSU is targeting. The players’ names are divided by position, year, and which coach will recruit them.

It’s a strategic map for LSU’s coaches, a chemical equation LSU will use in its recruiting experiments.

And its alchemist is Frank Wilson.

He most likely has Ed Orgeron to thank for part of his recruiting prowess and for giving Wilson his first shot at FBS coaching while Orgeron was the head man at Ole Miss. "I knew his character. I knew his work ethic. I thought he’d be a tremendous recruiter,” Orgeron said. "I wanted him around me. There was no question he ended up being one of my most valuable assistants.”

While at LSU Wilson recruited high profiles players like La’el Collins, Leonard Fournette. But Wilson also found diamonds in the rough in players like Tyrann Mathieu, Odell Beckham and Jalen Mills.

Wilson will be introduced today is hiring in a two week roller coaster ride for the Roadrunner. 

The Roadrunners went after the heavy hitters early, namely TCU’s Offensive Coordinator dynamic duo. They got nowhere and that’s ok, UT, A&M, and everyone else has gotten nowhere as well. 

They contacted Curtis Luper and David Bailiff. Both dropped out. Bailiff was by his own admission, not interested. Reports were Luper dropped out because UTSA was pushing him to retain much of the current staff. We don’t know if that’s true. We hope not. KC Keeler reportedly talked to UTSA as well. He talked to Texas State also. He’s still at Sam Houston State after all the talk. 

Two coaches with Houston connections, former head coach Tony Levine and current Defensive Coordinator Craig Naivar were also been mentioned. Hal Mumme was mentioned as a candidate, sort of, maybe. Dear Lord No. Mumme denied any contact with UTSA yesterday. Brian Stewart, Nebraska’s defensive backfield coach, was on the list. 

Wilson is known as a great recruiter and he'll need to be. We’re three weeks from signing day. Not a lot of time.

Posted on January 15, 2016 and filed under Southwest Round-Up.