Tuesday Scatter Shootin'

Texas' Athletic Department is making money!

UT Athletics made a ton of money in 2014-2015. The Longhorns made money even while paying out a significant amount to the University. UT made $22 million more, with an M, than their previous revenue best. The mark is the second highest total revenue generated by an athletic department behind Oregon’s 2013-14 year that included a huge gift from Mr. Child Labor himself, Phil Knight. 

The Athletic Department was also able to cut the University a $9 million dollar check for the surplus.

Conference USA's TV deal is losing steam. 

C-USA TV revenue is likely to fall by about half when new contracts with Fox Sports and the CBS Sports Network take effect July 1, according to sources at three schools familiar with C-USA’s TV contract negotiations.

The two networks paid the league more than $14 million per year – about $1.17 million per school – for the past six years. Although the new contracts haven’t been finalized, negotiations are nearing completion.

The reduction in revenue will come at a difficult time for C-USA schools as conference members are trying to fund cost of attendance requirements. By comparison, SEC schools received $34 million in TV contracts for football, the playoff, and NCAA tournament in 2014-2015. C-USA schools received $2.5 million.

UConn to the Big 12?

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the primordial ooze that is conference realignment, UConn is a topic of discussion among members as a possible Big 12 expansion candidate. 

From SI's Pete Thamel:

UConn came up in a surprising number of conversations considering its geography, lack of relevant football history and void of local recruiting. UConn would be attractive in a scenario in which the league adds a cable network, as it theoretically could bring a lot of eyeballs in the Northeast.

Sounds like a great idea. That’s sarcasm.

UT's Running back coach is leaving for USC. Recruits aren't exactly thrilled. 

Tommy Robinson, UT’s running back’s coach is leaving for USC. He’s the last remaining position coach from Chuck Strong’s initial offensive staff. And now he’s gone. A Baylor commit isn’t pleased and doesn’t know the recruiting game very well either.

And Finally...Top 5 Documentaries that aren’t “Making a Murderer”

Get jacked up for the top 5 Documentaries that don’t involve a guy getting framed. Allegedly. 

5. The Smartest Guys in the Room: Corporate greed at it’s best. Plus it all happened in downtown Houston! 

4. Let’ the Fire Burn: A story that the powers that be would rather you not hear about. Talk about a broken system, this is it. 

3. Cocaine Cowboys: Miami Vice was real and this proves it. 

2. Jiro Dreams of Sushi: Here’s the deal, I don’t even like sushi which proves A) I’m not a prick and B) this doc is really good. 

1. Paradise Lost: Forget Making a Murderer, want some real injustice, watchfour kids from Arkansas get railroaded into murder convictions.