Throwback Thursday: 1976 Bluebonnet Bowl Texas Tech vs. Nebraska

Throwback Thursday takes us back a magical 200th anniversary of American Independence and a bowl game I’m sure our forefathers would have approved of, the Astro Bluebonnet Bowl. Played indoors, on carpet, just the way Ben Franklin imagined. 

Let me drop a few bullets.

Tech's Rodney Allison

Tech's Rodney Allison

  • Played on New Years Eve 1976 in the 8th Wonder of the World, Nebraska edged Texas Tech 27-24. 
  • Tech twice led the Huskers by 10, only to have future Rams’ legend Vince Ferragamo lead the Huskers back. 
  • Check out the commercials and game presentation. It was a simpler time. A better time. 
  • Could we actually have both teams lineup, single file to introduce themselves to the National TV Audience in 2016?
  • Ron Franklin does sideline before the broadcast, this is before he started calling female co-workers “sweetheart.” Well maybe he was doing it back in ’76 but sexism hadn’t been invented yet. 
  • The 1976 Red Raiders lost one game before the Bluebonnet Bowl, that was to eventual SWC Champion Houston. 
  • Tech and Houston split the 1976 SWC title, the first in school history. Houston went to the Cotton Bowl based on the head to head matchup. See how that works Bob Bowlsby?
  • The Red Raiders rose as high as #5 in the AP Poll.
  • Tech Head Coach Steve Sloan would win 23 games in three seasons in Lubbock before taking the Ole Miss job. Sloan would win 20 games in five seasons in Oxford before heading to Duke where he compiled a 13-31 record in four seasons.  
  • After the ’76 season, Sloan would never again have a winning record.  
  • Sloan was replaced at Duke by Steve Spurrier. Presumably Spurrier was wearing a shirt. 
  • Tech was led by Odessa High grad Rodney Allison, who completed 60% of his passes in 1976 on 162 attempts. Patrick Mahomes hit 162 attempts midway through his 5th game this season.
  • Allison would go on to coach at a number of schools including Duke, Southern Miss, and Auburn. He was the Head Coach at Tennessee Chattanooga for six seasons from 2003 to 2008.
  • The 1976 Nebraska Cornhuskers ended the season 9-3-1. Yes kids, there were ties and no the earth did not shift off its axis.

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