Texas State May Be Selling Beer at Football Games Next Fall

Joe Vozzelli, who has the Texas State beat pretty knocked out, has information that the Texas State Athletic Department is planning on selling beer and wine at Bobcat baseball and softball games this spring. This may signal of the selling of alcohol at Texas State football this fall. 

And why the hell not. 

UT brought in almost $2 million in alcohol sales last fall. If UT could perfect the flask detector that number would easily quadruple. Miller Light and Coors Light led in sales at DKR last fall, proving that people will drink anything that contains alcohol and is reasonably cold. UT also sold 67,000 Red's Apple Ales. I have no explanation. 

UNT, Houston, SMU, and UTSA also sale alcohol at sporting events.  The Mean Green brought in roughly $100,000 per game. Even Rice has a small designated area for drinking it up. I imagine it full of cool 7th year engineering students who look like the cast of Silicon Valley.  

In San Marcos the University Star is reporting that beer and wine sales will be evaluated in the summer to determine if the program would move on to football and other sports. 

One can only hope this doesn’t turn Texas State into a party school.

Posted on January 27, 2016 and filed under Southwest Round-Up.