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TCU pulled off the greatest comeback in Bowl HISTORY!

Well done Frogs. TCU lost their starting quarterback to a felony. Oregon lost their starting quarterback to what doctors commonly refer to as “getting the shit knocked out of you.” Once Vernon Adams went out the Ducks seemed to vacate the premises as well. They also forgot how to snap the ball. And the rolling ball of butcher knives rolled downhill. Credit to Brahm Kohlhausen on his gritty performance to end his career at TCU. 

Kevin Sumlin is leaving for the NFL. Or maybe not. 

Coach Sumlin was widely reported (in the echo chamber known as twitter) to be actively pursuing an NFL job. Then as quickly as it was tweeted (or is it twatted?) reports flew in claiming that we were all crazy an Sumlin is totally devising a kick ass scheme to get A&M to the top of the SEC, nay, the College Football Universe. 

So who do we believe? First of all, if you think your coach loves life in your college town sooooo much that he’d never leave for the NFL you’re crazy. Imagine never having to drive to far off dots on the map to convince some self entitled 17 year old that he should really, totes, think about coming to this University and then having your worth judged on how many of said 17 year olds you can convince to show up and play. It sounds like pedophilia when you think of it. And then you're hoping that those 17 year olds can develop against a higher level of competition and not spend four plus years smoking out and chasing coeds. Ok, maybe those two are mutually exclusive. 

When the college football season ends the real work begins, the constant, and I mean constant recruiting that goes on. In the NFL recruiting is called tampering. Also you get to ply your craft full time instead of 20 hours a week and you don’t have to twitter recruit ever again. Sumlin would leave for the NFL in seven seconds. So would Briles, Patterson, Kingsbury, or David Bailiff. Scratch that, Bailiff is as pure as the driven snow, he’ll never leave West U. The money’s better, the hours are better, and yes, the recruiting is done. 

Sumlin has a lot of work to do to get back to NFL interest. Maybe after 2016, but doubtful a team would take a chance on him now. Then again this is the same organization that gave Jim Tomsula a seat at the big boy table. 

Just FYI: 5 Best Spy Thrillers of All Time. 

1. Tinker, Tailer, Soldier, Spy - I could watch this movie on a loop. Great acting, better story. Roughly based on the Cambridge Five, Jon le Carre can write a spy novel and this one translates to the big screen. Gary Oldman, Tom Hardy, Colin Firth, Benedict Cumberbatch, that guy who played the King of the North in Game of Thrones, all star cast top to bottom. You want car chases? Screw yourselves. The spy game isn’t about car chases and gun fights. It’s about wire taps, and telex machines. 

2. The Third Man - A 1949 thriller about weapons of mass destruction and the redrawing of the European Continent. Orsen Wells is superb. Beautifully shot. Decades ahead of its time.

3. Zero Dark Thirty - When you’re recreating events around the greatest attack on U.S. citizensin history you need skill. Zero Dark Thirty has a ton of skill and tells an incredible story. Even if some of the names or genders have been altered or changed it’s a must watch from start to finish. 

4. The Russia House - Sean bleeping Connery plays an alcoholic, jazz musician, author in the late 80’s Coldwar. Another John le Carre book turned excellent movie with Michelle Pfeiffer and Roy “We’re gonna need a bigger boat” Schneider lending support in this thriller. While we’re at it, le Carre’s movies tend to have this beautiful jazzy, horn filled sound track which the Round-up loves. Luvs. 

5. North by Northwest - Cary Grant was the shit. The total and complete shit. Your wife would leave you for him. Your best friend might too. So when a case of mistaken identity takes Grant, aka Roger Thornhill, on a cross country thriller you will watch and when Hitchcock is the mastermind behind it you will love it. North by Northwest has so many iconic scenes throughout that you’ll finally understand where 12% of pop culture came from. 

Texas State to Interview Major Applewhite

Great potential get for the Bobcats. Applewhite has worked for some incredible coaches including Saban, Mack Brown, Todd Graham, and Tom Herman. Applewhite has great ties to the state and is considered a pretty decent recruiting and offensive mind. 

Jake Spavital gets the axe

The worse kept secret in Round-up football spilled out on Sunday as Jake Spavital was let go at Texas A&M. The Aggies now begin a search for the most important hire in the Sumlin era since last year’s DC search. 

Davis Webb is leaving Lubbock

The second worse kept secret in Round-up football spilled out when young Davis Webb signaled his intent to leave Tech. As a graduate transfer he’ll play immediately and the list of suitors should be long. 

Xavien Howard is leaving Waco

Xavien Howard, the All Big 12 corner, is entering the NFL draft a year early. Bear fans are still waiting on baited breath to hear from one Andrew Billings to see if the Bears will need to replace their entire front four or not.