Throwback Thursday: 1987 Cotton Bowl Ohio State vs. Texas A&M

Throwback Thursday takes us back in time to January 1st, 1987 and Ohio State vs. Texas A&M in the Cotton Bowl. Earle Bruce vs. Jackie Sherrill. Big 10 vs. SWC. All on CBS. 

Give me some Cotton Bullets!

- The Great Earle Bruce's Buckeyes came into the Cotton Bowl ranked 11th in the country having run the gauntlet of the Big 10, and missing out on the Rose Bowl after a loss to dreaded rival Michigan 26-24 in Columbus. 

- Bruce's Ohio State teams finished in the Top 10 three times during his 9 year Columbus run. Only once did they finish outside the Top 15, that being in 1987 when Ohio State canned him. 

- Chris Spielman was a plucky middle linebacker for the Buckeyes. All heart, coaches dream, gritty and gutty and several other adjective that we use to describe white guys. 

- Cris Carter led the Buckeyes in receiving yards before he went on to a great NFL career. After his career spent a considerable amount of time sitting next to Chris Berman trying to sound interested. 

Sharp Dressed Earle Bruce

- Ohio State opened 1986 with losses to Alabama and Washington. Then they ran off 9 straight W's before the Michigan loss. 

- Ohio State was allowed 12 regular season games in 1986 because they played Bama in the Kickoff Classic.

- Earle Bruce wore a coat and tie on the sidelines. We encourage this behavior. 

- Texas A&M was in the midst of the Jackie Sherrill Revolution and three straight SWC titles. 

- Kevin Murray, father of Kyler quarterbacked the Aggies in 1986. He was as close to a gunslinger as the SWC produced in the mid-80's. He threw for over 2,400 yards at a 60% completion rate. 

Swiss Army Knife Rod Bernstine

- One of the greatest swiss army knifes in SWC history played for the Aggies, the great Rod Bernstine. He was tightened/fullback/h-back hybrid. Bernstine caught 65 balls in 1986. 

- Another great versatile player, Keith Woodside, also suited up for the Aggies, finishing second in rushing and receiving yards. 

- Sherrill's Aggies lost twice in the regular season, the season opener to LSU and a conference game at Arkansas. 

Enjoy the 1987 Cotton Bowl and Earle Bruce's suit and tie.  

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