Throwback Thursday: 1988 UTEP at BYU

BYU and UTEP had a pretty good little rivalry going back in the days of the WAC. Kids, the WAC aka the Western Athletic Conference was a pretty nice league centered in great expanse of the western United States, it crumbled a few years ago and now continues on as a - gasp - basketball league. Someday the Big 12 will join it in that fate.  

Enjoy the Miners and Cougars, thanks to MinerMac's Miner Moments on Youtube for the clip. Keep history alive. 

Let's get to the BULLETS!

- The game is brought to you by Bob Hoy's World Automotive Market. The automotive market to the world. And also by Major Video, we thought the good times would last forever. 

- The Miners were in the midst of a pretty nice run under then head coach/now current AD Bob Stull. The '87 Miners went 7-4 and the '88 team won 10 games and played in the Independence Bowl.

- Fun fact, the Miners opponent in 1988 was Southern Miss and a young gunslinger named Brett Favre. The "e" is silent. 

- UTEP was an offensive juggernaut in '88 ranking 11th in the NCAA in points per game at 34 points. 

- UTEP's quarterback was one, Pat Hegarty, a California kid who headed east to El Paso. Hegarty has an interesting post playing career story, he writes video game scripts and also serves as a voice director for a lot to titles as well. Read more about Pat here

- Hegarty threw for over 2,700 yards (that's like 5,000 yards today) with 18 touchdowns and 9 picks. 

- BYU were led the venerable Lavell Edwards. Edwards won 257 games during his 29 year career. BYU would win the National Title in 1984 and 18 WAC titles including 10 straight at one point between 1976 and 1985. 

- A week before the UTEP game, BYU dismantled Texas 47-6 in Provo. 

- UTEP actually finished second in the WAC in 1988 behind Wyoming. BYU actually finished fourth in the 1988 WAC race behind Wyoming, UTEP, and Hawaii. 

- Mission's Ty Detmer played quarterback at BYU in 1988.

- Detmer would win the Heisman two years later in 1990. After winning the Heisman, Texas A&M would literally tear Detmer limb from limb in the Holiday Bowl. 

Enjoy UTEP football carried locally by Channel 7. 

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