Planning Your Football Weekend: Week 8

Week 8 is upon us. We're separating the contenders from the pretenders not only among college football teams but also among you guys. Ask yourself: What are you willing to do for this college football season? Skip your child's birthday party? RSVP no to your buddies wedding? Get that apartment your wife has been begging you to get for seven weeks now? It's soul searching time gents. You won't like what you find. 

All Times Texas. 

Friday, October 21st

Oregon at California 9:30 pm ESPN

Nike: Disregarding School Colors since 1971.

Nike: Disregarding School Colors since 1971.

We only list this game because we'd like to see Oregon get beat by Cal in those Oregon's blue and gold alternates. Oregon is 2-4. But hey look, cool uniforms!

Saturday, October 22nd    

Texas at Kansas State 11:00 am ESPN2

TEXAS IS BACK! (to .500)

Wizard Bill welcomes Chuck Strong to Manhattan. We sort of feel sorry for Chuck, he has no idea how to deal with Bill's magical powers, like stopping the pass and NOT allowing 40 points a game. 

Colorado at Stanford 2:00 pm PAC-12 Network

So raise your hand if you had Colorado with a better PAC 12 record than Stanford at this point. Put your hands down liars. I'm sure most of you predicted we'd be choosing the leader of the free world between the Donald and Pants Suit Hillary. 

Christian McCaffrey's Heisman campaign is on par with Gary Johnson's presidential campaign. Out of the running, but a small minority of smart people think he's awesome. 

TCU at West Virginia 2:30 pm ABC

College kids.

College kids.

Can TCU salvage it's season in Morgantown? No they cannot. You don't salvage things in Morgantown, you burn them. Burn them ALL Holgo!

Texas A&M at Alabama 2:30 pm CBS

Let's try to convince ourselves that this top 10 matchup will be competitive. To do so we'll need to ignore A&M inability to put teams away who gift the Aggies seven turnovers and A&M's allergy to stopping the run. 

The last time A&M went to Tuscaloosa they lost by 59. This trip won't be as bad. Then again the way Saban's Tide is rolling it just might.  

Utah at UCLA 3:00 pm FOX

May have missed on this one. 

May have missed on this one. 

Josh Rosen has been hurt the last two weeks, there's a question as to whether he'll go against the Utes. Rosen was anointed the best quarterback prospect in the 2018 draft back in 2015. Statistically he's the 7th best quarterback in the PAC 12. It's all go according to plan. 

Jim Mora Jr. wanted a more physical team in Westwood he hasn't gotten it. He'd like an NFL job too,  at 3-4, it ain't coming either. 

Arkansas at Auburn 5:00 pm ESPN

Coach Bert and Gus Malzahn once again engage in their annual chess match. It's like picking two random Kardashian's to play chess, they have no idea what the pieces are or the rules but they just make catty comments to each other. 

Houston at SMU 6:00 pm ESPN2

We're not saying Tom Herman is leaving 3rd Ward, but we find it odd that his last 5 games are sponsored by U-Haul. 

Ohio State at Penn State 7:00 pm ABC 

Let's tick off all the big time wins by James Franklin...ok give us minute...just...reviewing...our...notes...well, moving on.  

He's the Mumford and Sons of coaching, you get real excited to make the purchase and then three years later you have no idea what you were thinking. 

Oklahoma at Texas Tech 7:00 pm FOX


Drink in the majesty of Lubbock on a Big Game Saturday Night! Ok, don't drink the water, that stuff'll kill you, drink in the majesty damn it. The majesty. 

Koach Kliff can save is season by beating Big Game Bob in Lubbock. Big Game Bob has won 5 of the last 6 vs. the Red Raiders, but three of those were against Tommy Tubberville who, as we all know, left a perfectly good Texas steak on the plate to go to Cincinnati. We don't count those games Bob, sorry. 

West Virginia just finished pillaging the city of Lubbock, we assume that means they hit up a couple of pawn shops and scrap metal yards. What's left? Just Kliff and his merry band of pass chuckers and catchers. They ain't skeered.

It's also Baker Mayfield's homecoming trip to Lubbock. Don't worry Baker, the fans in Lubbock will welcome you back with open arms. Nothing to fear. Typical Saturday night Bakes. 

Ole Miss at LSU 8:00 pm ESPN

What say we rip off our shirts and get to work?

What say we rip off our shirts and get to work?

Coach Yaw Yaw takes on his former employer, now coached by that death faking jack wagon Hugh Freeze.

Yaw Yaw's tenure at Ole Miss was highlighted by his standing in front of his team, ripping off his shirt, and challenging all comers to fight him. 

Maybe the SEC, in an effort to stem concussion related injuries, could allow LSU to run Yaw Yaw out to midfield before the game, rip is shirt off and challenge whoever wants some to settle all accounts before the game starts. Winner take all. We'd watch. 

Washington State at Arizona State 9:00 pm PAC-12 Network

First one to 70 needs to KEEP SCORING. 

Coach Leach knows his Arizona history, Coronado may have discovered the Copper State, but Leach is going to conquer it.  

This game will be a Sharknado like twitter event, everyone will be tweeting out the old #PAC12afterdark hashtag, but it's on the PAC 12 Network, meaning only 75 households in America will actually be watching it. 


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