Coaching Salaries for the Texas FBS Schools

USA Today released it's annual list of coaching salaries, bonuses and other compensation for every FBS school. We don't care about the rest, we just care about the 12 errrr 10 Texas FBS coaches. Sorry Jim Grobe, you're only here for a short time. Enjoy Waco. Plus SMU isn't releasing their salary. Good for you guys. 

1. Charlies Strong, Total Compensation $5,200,130

So how much is Texas gonna pay the next guy? A lot. Probably looking a $6 million plus. 

2. Kevin Sumlin, Total Compensation 5,200,000

At this point, worth almost every penny. The Aggies are competitive in the SEC West and a top 10 caliber team. 

3. Gary Patterson, Total Compensation $4,014,723

We would argue that Patterson is the best coach in the state, but then we've seen what 2016 hath wrought, still worth the money. 

4. Kliff Kingsbury, Total Compensation $3,306,575

Top 30 salary level, but his teams won't ever win big without some defense. Like any defense. 

5. Tom Herman, Total Compensation $3,003,500

This guy is set for a raise. The question is who's going to give it him? The better question is, does Houston pay as much for the next guy?

6. Chad Morris, Total Compensation $2,000,000*

Good hire, decent money, if he makes SMU competitive in the AAC he'll either be in for a change of scenery or a raise. 

7. David Bailiff, Total Compensation $903,556

Give what Bailiff has done at Rice this isn't bad, if he can't turn this program back around that's a big number. Rice would have to give the next guy a comparable number. 

8. Frank Wilson, Total Compensation $835,000

Surprising number, second highest in CUSA behind Bailiff. 

9. Seth Littrell, Total Compensation $815,000

Third highest number in CUSA, at this point all signs point to this being a steal. 

10. Everett Withers, Total Compensation $650,000

Upper middle class of the Sun Belt. More hope in San Marvelous than in the last couple of years of Fran's tenure. 

11. Sean Kugler, Total Compensation $515,332

Ok, this looks like a bargain. Even if Kugler can't get UTEP to a bowl game this year. Second lowest in CUSA. 

* Based on Forbes, salary for 2015.