A National Perspective: AKA Washington is For Real Ya'll.

Let’s be honest before we start. I watched a lot of the Ryder Cup this weekend, and if you didn’t you just don’t like America. That being said, I also watched a lot of college football. I woke up Sunday morning and my kid asked my wife “who is that man living on our couch.”

As always, it was another crazy weekend of football. Let’s start with the winners of the week:

1.     Washington

Here come the Dawgs.

Here come the Dawgs.

When I turned this game on half, I thought the scoreboard was broken. I thought maybe they were showing penalty yards, Stanford – 0/Washington – 23. It took Chris Peterson a few years to get his team where they needed to be, and Friday was the game they broke out. Since the beginning of the year, this has been the game that the PAC-12 circled. It was the game that was going to set the conference in motion. If you are wondering about any of the stats of the game, it’ this one; Christian McCaffrey with 79 all-purpose yards. The Washington defense played out of their minds.  Stanford had 5 key players on the sidelines, but most of those were on defense. Taking a look at the rest of Washington’s schedule, do we smell an 11-1, maybe 12-0?

2.     Nebraska

I know it was Illinois, I know other than Oregon, they haven’t played anyone, but son of an Osborne, it is fun to see the Huskers back in the race. The Huskers limped into the 4th quarter down 16-10 and scored 21 unanswered points to leave Champaign with a victory. Terrell Newby, their stud RB, had 186 yards and 2 TDs. They have a tough, tough road, but they are on a high now.

3.     Bob Stoops

We said last week that this could be a program defining game of the Sooners. If you have ever been to Oklahoma, you know they like 2 things, rooting for the Sooners and not going to school in Norman. They have been whining about Stoops for a while:

Exhibit A – facebook.com/firecoachstoops

Exhibit B - @FireBobStoops

Bob's back.

Bob's back.

He needed this game. With big 2nd and 3rd quarters, the Sooners took a commanding lead, before almost letting Kenny Hill (450 yards and 5 TDs) back into the game. OU struggles with finishing games. They struggle with letting Baker Mayfield loose at the end of games. The other thing they struggle with is being over-hyped. They aren’t as good as everyone thinks this year. Give Stoops some time.

4.     Kevin Wilson

The Hoosiers beat the Spartans. In football. Wilson brought the Old Brass Spittoon back to Bloomington. It has been in East Lansing for 10 years. Indiana football is second to basketball, always will be. But when you can come into a season and beat a top 25 conference rival, you start to turn some heads. The Hoosiers didn’t give-up. With an incredible goal line stand, a great drive to tie the game, and tough defense in overtime, they stayed in the game the whole time. Watch out for the Hoosiers this seas…… wait, I just looked at their schedule. Well, it was a good run while it lasted.


1.     Charlie Strong

Do we think Charlie Strong is a good coach? Yes. Do we think he stands a chance in Austin? No. After a good start to the year, exceeding expectations, and getting the Longhorn fans to believe that “They’re back”, they went in to Stillwater and were blocked out of a win. Literally. They had 3 blocked PATs, 1 returned for 2 points. If you get a chance, watch the three blocked PATs. I am not sure if the Texas center was asleep, or Vincent Taylor bought the Longhorn line cheese fries from Eskimo Joes, but he was NEVER touched on two of the blocks. Shane Buechele looked like a freshman QB, a GOOD freshman QB. I am not sure if the Longhorn fans realize he is a freshman this year. I just want to make sure they realize it isn’t Colt McCoy still out there. Charlie Strong is going to take over the defense moving forward, and will also be looking for a new job and keeping the seat warm for Herman.

2.     Georgia

I watched this game with my cousin who is a HUGE Georgia fan. With 7 seconds left, and UGA leading by 3, I actually said to him, “They got this, let’s go get another beer and get ready for the Clemson game.” Before I could finish the word Clemson, Tennessee was hauling in a 50-yard Hail Mary for the win. I stood there, behind my cousin not know what to do. So I just put my hand on his shoulder and drank my Ultra while we cried together. I put Georgia as a loser because their fans thought they were going to win the National Championship this year.

3.     San Diego State

The Aztecs lost to South Alabama, by 18 points. That is all.

College Football market

Oil may be down, but who are we buying or selling:

Houston – They have done what they need to do. Now if they can keep up the momentum going to Louisville at the end of the year, it will be up to a bunch of olds sitting in a room.

Baylor – Barely beat Iowa State, probably should have lost that game. Their coach is often confused about what team he should be directing. They are a mess.

Florida – Not sure beating Vandy by 7 on the road is what how you want a win. A win is a win, I understand, unless it is by 7 against Vandy.

Texas A&M – They are able to do what OU wasn’t, figure out how to use Trevor Knight. I was not a believer. He had one good game against Alabama 15 years ago, but he ran that game. Sumlin is unlocking that now.

Florida State – Losing to UNC, at home, is a tough blow. If they only had a NFL quarterback that could come and give uplifting, awe-inspiring half-time speeches.

What are we excited about next week?

LSU @ Florida – Can the Tigers go in with Orgeron and win and finish the season strong. And then get rid of him for Lane?

OU vs Texas – I am not sure there is a game this week with more implications. Both teams are fighting for their season. One coach is deciding whether he needs to renew his lease or look elsewhere. The other coach is trying to figure out his team.

Colorado vs USC – It has been years since we have seen the Buffs this high. Are they going to be able to go on the road and beat a mediocre USC team?

Tennessee @ Texas A&M – If Tennessee ends up climbing out of a 14+ point deficit in the 4th quarter, we need to stop doubting Butch Jones, no matter how much we want to doubt Butch Jones.