Throwback Thursday: 1969 Oklahoma vs. Texas

With the Red River Shootout on the horizon, we take you back to a true classic of the wishbone era from 1969 as Texas and OU battle. Enjoy a time capsule of awesomeness. 

Give us some Wishbone Bullets. 

- We like the way they introduce the players on camera one by one before the game. I'm sure Darrell Royal loved breaking into his pregame routine to introduce players on national TV. 

- The commercials alone are worth the watch. Who knew you could make Sunoco gas so exciting.

- This contest pitted number #8 OU vs. #2 Texas. Texas would use the game as a springboard to a National Title. Oklahoma would slip on the springboard, hit their head and rip their suit. 

- OU went 6-4 in 1969 with losses to Texas, Kansas State, Missouri, and Nebraska. 

- OU's quarterback was Abilene Cooper alum and future lieutenant governor of Oklahoma Jack Mildren. There's a great article from SI on the recruitment of Mildren as well as Texas high school football in general here

- The Sooners also boasted of a great running back in Steve Owens. Owens played high school ball for the wonderfully named Miami (OK) Wardogs. Owens won the 1969 Heisman. 

- Darrell Royal's 1969 team may be the greatest in Texas history. They went 11-0 and save a close shave in Arkansas and a Cotton Bowl win over Notre Dame, weren't tested by anyone on the schedule. 

- Texas was led by a pretty good quarterback themselves, James Street. His son Huston would go on to a pretty good major league baseball career. 

- The Horns also had one of the best fullbacks ever to play the game in Steve Worster. He looked like this...

Steve Worster

Steve Worster

- Here's a great SI profile on Worster. Readers are leaders. 

- Jim Bertlesen contributed over 700 yards and 13 touchdowns to the cause in 1969. Bertelsen actually attended high school in Wisconsin. One of the only non-Texans on a Darrell Royal roster. 

Enjoy some great wishbone action. 

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