Playcard: Big 12 Championship Game, Rice Injuries, Brackyn Hager Speaks, Sean Kugler Overpayed?

Championship Game but no Division for the Big 12. 

In a move that defies logic and reason the Big 12 holding a championship game in 2017 but NOT dividing the league into divisions. Big 12, the masters of defying logic and reason. 

The conference's coaches apparently wanted a divisional system but the league office said no thanks. Holding a conference championship among the top two finishers virtually eliminates the prospect of more than one conference team making the playoff and could destroy chances for a league participant should the regular season champion lose in the championship game. 

That's dumb. But that should be the leagues new motto: The Big 12: We do dumb shit. 

Rice's Injury Bug

Rice has suffered 24 season ending injuries this year, according to David Bailiff at his press conference yesterday.  TWENTY-FOUR. So over a quarter of the Owl roster is out due to injury for the remainder of 2016. A number of Owls are also out for significant portions of the season but not the entire year. 

Add to that, 32 Owls and 10 coaches caught a stomach bug before the Louisiana Tech game, including one player who was losing his lunch on the sideline. 

Rice is already up against some stiff recruiting restrictions due to academic requirements and injuries have removed any margin for error. Bailiff also noted that the Owls have used eight different line combinations this season and that a number young lineman have been pressed into duty. Not that Rice was a favorite for a playoff birth but they've been decimated in 2016 by injuries. 

Breckyn Hager Gives Bulletin Board Material

At a media availability session yesterday Texas defensive end Breckyn Hager was asked how the Longhorns plan on stopping Texas Tech's potent offense, his response, "injure the quarterback. That's the mentality right now. We've got to take him out. We know he's been banged up and we've got to get after him."

While it may be true, it's not a great idea to put that out for public consumption. Rest assured Tech will be paper macheing that quote around the football facility. 

Lubbock's a tough place to win, even tougher if you rile up the natives. Saturday should be fun!

Pat Forde Thinks Sean Kugler is Overpaid 

In Pat Forde's 40 yard dash today he noted that Kugler is one of the top five overpaid non-power five coaches in existence today. Odd because according to USA Today, Kugler is one of the lowest paid coaches in the FBS. The lowest paid in Texas. 

Forde uses some kind of calculation with salary minus statistical success so there's some math to it, but not much sense. We actually think Kugler is underpaid considering what he's asked to do in El Paso.