What We Saw: FAU 35 UTEP 31

A heartbreaker in South Florida for the Miners. UTEP had a lead in the final two minutes only to see FAU drive 96 yards and score the winning touchdown with 24 seconds left. UTEP falls to 3-7 and this game could linger. 

Here's What We Saw:

  1. Aaron Jones is in the pantheon of greatest Miners of all time. All Aaron Jones did tonight was rush for 229 yards at an 8.5 yards per carry clip. He caught four passes and scored two touchdowns. He also became the schools All-Time leading rusher. He almost willed the Miners to a win. He couldn't. Instead he cemented his place among the greatest UTEP players of all time.
  2. There was no one else. Jones need help and no one stepped up to do so. Jones accounted for 267 of UTEP's 355 yards. The passing game wasn't effective and neither was the defense especially when UTEP needed it. The Miners received two more turnovers than they surrendered and Aaron Jones couldn't do it by himself. 
  3.  Don't let FAU beat you twice. Most coaches employ a 24 hour rule, in other words, get over a win or a loss within 24 hours. Move on. That's going to be hard for UTEP. After a long season, they lost a heartbreaker to a team that they probably beat eight out of ten times. Not tonight. They can't let this loss linger and travel with them to Rice. 

UTEP travels to Houston to take on Rice. 

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Posted on November 12, 2016 and filed under UTEP, Southwest Round-Up.