What We Saw: Texas A&M 23 UTSA 10

The Aggies got to eight wins, it wasn't pretty and UTSA didn't cooperate, but I guess eight wins is eight wins. For their part, UTSA hung around in the first half and then actually looked somewhat efficient in the 2nd half, when Myles Garrett wasn't running lose in the backfield. 

Here's what we saw:

We still don't know what to make of...

A&M's offense. Sumlin's physical redo hasn't panned out as A&M's offensive line couldn't push UTSA around. In fact, Kevin Strong and Baylen Baker did most of the pushing. Noel Mazzone's offense has to rely on the horizontal passing game too often and can't move the ball between the tackles. Once Trevor Knight went down, A&M's perceived improvement rushing the football disappeared. 

We just have to wonder...

Who UTSA starts at quarterback next week against Charlotte in a game that could mean a bowl birth. Dalton Sturm was ineffective and replaced by Jared Johnson in the second quarter. Johnson looked serviceable when he had time, and he didn't have a ton of time. Myles Garrett saw to that with 4.5 sacks against an overmatched offensive line. 

It was over when... 

Trayveon Williams broke loose for 47 yards in the third quarter and a 23-7 lead. Williams finally got to the second level and to the end zone. That gave A&M a bit of breathing room, certainly not as much as they'd expected, but more that UTSA's offense could overcome. 

Up next, UTSA welcomes Charlotte to the Dome. 

A&M welcomes LSU to College Station. 

Posted on November 19, 2016 and filed under Southwest Round-Up, Texas A&M, UTSA.