CUSA and Sun Belt Quarterbacks Thru October

We're suckers for comparative data and percentile ranks. Yep. We like to party. The season is basically 2/3 of the way done, we're into November, it seems like a good idea to look at how the Texas FBS quarterbacks are doing. For the sake of sanity, we're dividing our quarterbacks into groups, our first grouping are the six quarterbacks who've seen time in CUSA and the Sun Belt. 

We've put everything in a handy dandy spreadsheet and only included quarterbacks that have played in four or more games and thrown 14 or more passes per game. We took all those quarterbacks, 144 in all and determined the percentile rank for each quarterback in multiple statistical categories.

The five categories we're concerned about today are:

Completion %: The bench mark of efficient quarterback play. The top 20 to 25 percentile complete passes at a 62% clip or better. 

Yards Per Attempt: Again, another bench mark of efficiency, it's one thing to have a high yardage per completion, it's another to have a high yardage per throw or attempt. 

Interception Rate: No single statistical category is more important than turnovers. Interception rate measure interceptions per attempt. 

Sack Rate: Sacks aren't solely the fault of the quarterback nor are they fault of the offensive line, but sacks are a great measure of overall offensive efficiency and where a quarterback is able to throw the football away. As Bill Belichick says, there no such thing as a bad incompletion. 

Yards Per Play: This stat takes into account the dual threat nature of quarterbacks and the running abilities and the passing abilities combined to determine how much a quarterback influences a game play to play. 

We take all those stats and create a percentile rank for each player, the higher the rank, the better. The lower the rank, congrats you're Kansas. 

Name Comp. % Yard Att % Int Rate % Sack Rate % Yds Play %
Zack Greenlee 7% 30% 32% 90% 49%
Dalton Sturm 59% 68% 63% 3% 30%
Ryan Metz 84% 23% 75% 60% 26%
Tyler Stehling 44% 15% 62% 18% 15%
Tyler Jones 80% 23% 20% 12% 8%
Mason Fine 42% 11% 75% 6% 6%


UTEP has played three quarterbacks this season, two qualified for this comparison, Ryan Metz and Zack Greenlee. Metz has made the last two starts so lets look at him. How about the good news, Metz is in the top 84th percentile rank in completion percentage, so he's accurate, 63%. Metz also ranks in the top 75th percentile in interception rate and top 60th percentile in terms of sack rate, so he's above average at protecting the football and avoiding negative plays. The bad news, and this goes along with his completion percentage number, Metz isn't exactly tearing the top off the defense with his throws. His yards per attempt is in the 23rd percentile rank and his yards per play ranks 26th. When those two a jumbled that closely it shows that if Metz is going to make yards, he'll do it from the pocket. Unfortunately, when he's throwing the ball, his yards per attempt ranks behind 77% of qualifying quarterbacks. 

Real quick on Greenlee, He's a master at avoiding the sack but his completion percentage is bottom line rotten at 51%. While his yards per completion number is good, when you compare it with his yards per attempt, he's inefficient. 

Daltom Sturm

Sturm is the only qualifying quarterback for UTSA, he's been pretty good for the most part, he's above average in completion percentage, interception rate, and yards per passing attempt. His bugaboo is the sack, again not entirely his fault, but he's in the bottom 3rd percentile in sack rate. 97% of qualified passers don't pick themselves up as much as he does. That leads to his second area of below average efficiency, yards per play. He's been sacked 28 times for losses of 186 yards, giving him a net rushing of -3 yards. We hate the way college football applies sack yardage to rushes, but it's the world we live in. Write your congressman. 

Tyler Jones

Oh, Tyler Jones, you deserve better my friend. Jones is rewriting the Texas State record book, but like Pat Mahomes, he' won't have much to show for it. Jones is in the 80th percentile in terms of completion percentage, a huge step of for him from last year. Everything else is bad. He suffers from the same issue as Sturm, his yards per play is down because he is in the 12th percentile when it comes to sacks. But Jones also struggles with interceptions and his yards per attempt is pretty inefficient. We blame some of this on the lack of a run game from Texas State and in part also because Jones has to get rid of the ball to maintain self preservation.

Tyler Stehling

Stehling's season at Rice has gone south, much like the Owls' themselves. He's interesting because his yards per attempt and yards per play are dead even, both bad but even, in the 15th percentile. Stehling also has the kiss of death with a below 60% completion percentage, thats in the 44th percentile. The one area where Stehling does things good (not great) is interception rate. He's at the 62nd percentile in interception rate which is pretty good. Other than that, Stehling's numbers are well below average.  

Mason Fine

Fine's numbers sort of mirror Stehling's. He's good at avoiding interceptions, better than Stehling at the 75th percentile. His yards per play and sack rate are below the 10th percentile and his yards per attempt is in the 11th percentile. Fine's completion percentage is ranks in the 42nd percentile in terms of completion percentage. It's odd, given Fine's rise as the quarterback of a resurgent Mean Green team that his numbers are as bad or below average as they are, it's an indication of what we've suspected that UNT's success is based on a good run game and good defense. 

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