Week 12 Power Rankings

Houston (9-2): Houston is firmly in place in the #1 slot, it's going to take some sort of plague to move them out of it. It won't take a plague to move Tom Herman to Austin. 


Texas A&M (8-3): A&M must prep to take on the anaconda that is the LSU Tigers. Every A&M season goes pretty much the same, September National Champs to "Is A&M the 5th best team in the SEC West" by mid-November. 


TCU (5-5): Picking a 3rd place team is almost impossible. We wish we could leave it blank. Enjoy it TCU. 


Texas (5-6): It's been a good Charlie Strong. Just kidding. Texas twitter acted as if it had just escaped from East Germany Saturday when you lost to Kansas. 

Baylor (6-4): The wheels have fallen off. Some say Baylor quit, we prefer to think that Baylor just started playing average teams. 


SMU (5-6): One of two teams to sort of kind of overachieve in Texas this season and that means 5 wins. What's gone wrong with this State? 


UTSA (5-6): Controversial? Sure. At this point do we care? Not one damn bit. At least UTSA plays hard and you know...tackles people. 



North Texas (5-6): Seth Littrell's miracle first season continues, who had UNT playing for a bowl game in their season finale? None of us, that's who. 



Texas Tech (4-7): Lose to Iowa State by 56, you're lucky we don't put you 13th. Have we mentioned that Northern Iowa beat Iowa State in Ames this year? 


Rice (3-8): Rice is climbing, slowly, out of the pit, they're watching UTEP and Texas State fall past them, but they're focused on getting to daylight. Stanford is waiting to kick the Owls down a peg or two but don't focus on that. Focus on the daylight. 



UTEP (3-8): Oh UTEP, thank goodness for basketball season. 



Texas State (2-8): Is this the worst football team in America? We're taking suggestions but that's the assumption we're working under. 


Posted on November 21, 2016 and filed under Southwest Round-Up.