Nation Perspective: AKA, Mike MacIntyre for President

College football outside the borders, let's get a look at life outside the Lone Star State. 



It has been a while since the Buffs have been in the mix. The days of “Slash” have been gone for a while. However, Mike MacIntyre has the former Big 12 contenders playing well. Sefo Liufau and Phillip Lindsay have been leading the offense all year. When you have a QB reaching 2000 yards and a RB over 1000 yards, the defense doesn’t know how to game plan. Their defense has forced 13 interceptions, which can play havoc on an opposing QB, if you know they are going to get 1-2 per game.

They only have Utah left, which shouldn’t be a struggle for them. Look for them to go to the Pac-12 championship game playing a Washington team that may be struggling against good opponents

Western Michigan

I wanted to keep them on the list, but I am not sure what else I can write on them. They are good. They have shown that with their non-conference games. Games where they went and beat Power 5 opponents. They have done everything they could, and have been rewarded by a 21 ranking in the CFP.

Here are the teams above them: Boise St, Tennessee, Auburn, Florida State and Houston. Any of those seem like they don’t belong. Maybe I should have put them under Losers. 

OK, now getting off my high horse.



They had their chance, and it was their for the taking. They had the best plater in college football, and one of the best paths to come out on top, but couldn’t beat a team that is better than their year has shown. 

Houston came out of the gate and popped Lamar Jackson and the Cardinals square in the mouth, they were never in the game. Jackson was sacked 11 times and lost 83 yards to sacks, and the team was penalized 114 yards and lost 3 fumbles. It looked like Louisville had never seen a football and was not sure what to do with it. 

This game only really showed us one thing, How did this Cougar team lose to SMU?

West Virginia

Loser may be harsh, but getting doubled by a team at home doesn’t bode well for the future. They Mountaineers were there once shining star for the Big 12 to make it to the playoffs. Loses to OSU and OU did not help their case, knocking them down to 18 in the CFP. 

The Sooners outmatched them, which is surprising, what with a bad Sooner defense. And a Mountaineer defense who has been playing lights out, most of the year. Baker Mayfield managed the game well, only making one big mistake. But the big part, was Perine and Mixon rushing for a combined 307 yards, and Westbrook going for over 100 yards. 

All that being said, West Virginia had more Total yards, net rushing yards, and net passing yards. However, the Mountaineers turned it over 3 times, which the Sooners capitalized on. And Dana Holgerson is still a real good coach.


Can Big 10 teams stay in the top 10?

How is Houston below OU?


How much does the Committee love the SEC?

The Market

Oklahoma State

This is not the same team who lost to Baylor and kind of lost to Central Michigan. Their receiving core is stacked, they finally have their 2-headed rushing monster Gundy has wanted for years, and their defense is playing to their potential. The have a bye week and then Bedlam next week, in Norman. I am not saying the Cowboys will win, but I’m also not saying they will lose, crazier things have happened in Norman.


Much like OSU, this is not the same team that lost to Bama, Stanford and Utah. That being said, they were beat by Stanford and Utah, so you can’t forget that. Those are 2 bad Pac 12 teams that have been overrated all year. Not sure there is much the Trojans can do to get into the playoffs, but they could sneak into a big bowl that 4 weeks ago looked impossible.

Washington State

I hate to put them on the list. I want to buy Leach and his quirkiness and pirate speak. The dude walks 3 miles to work everyday. He knows about everyone he walks by and is clueless on directions. (If you haven’t yet, google Mike Leach walks to work). But his team is not going to be able to make to big of a mix up. They are going to play a tough Washington team that has a lot riding on their shoulders.

But I have been wrong before.


Washington @ Washington State - We want to take the Cougars, but that is 100% heart.

Michigan @ Ohio State - Huge implications. 

Navy @ SMU - This is a game to watch. We like SMU, at home, with a great coach.

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