Week 13 Power Rankings

It's our penultimate Power Rankings so unless Baylor can find a way to win a national title next week against West Virginia or unless TCU can somehow parlay a win over K-State next week into seven ADDITIONAL Ws, we're kind of set. 

Houston (9-3): Houston lost a game and a coach in a 24 hour period last week. So…you know…their still number one. It’s a down year. 


Texas A&M (8-4): A&M made is a November to forget. Now Sumlin is back on the hot seat, nothing really changes in College Station, it’s a tradition. 

TCU (6-5): TCU put the last nail in Chuck Strong’s Austin coffin. Now they get try for the epic seventh win vs. Kansas State. 


Texas (5-7): Dear God this thing is officially a mess now, who has any idea about any of these teams now. Texas honored Charlie Strong with a nine point outburst against TCU.

Texas Tech (5-7): Tech put the lipstick on its pig of season by kicking the hell out of Baylor. Look out the window guys, a lot of teams are doing that. 


UTSA (6-6): You go to a bowl and don’t quit and don’t have your coaching staff go into outright rebellion we give you credit for that.


Baylor (6-5): See above. Also Jim Grobe deserved way better than the dumpster fire in a dirty diaper factory he got this season. 


SMU (5-7): Navy put up 75 on the Mustangs. All good will gone. Poof. Bye bye. Also, Chad Morris, Baylor has cable and saw what happened, they’re losing your number. 


UTEP (4-8): We have no idea what happened on Saturday but hey, big win to get the bitter taste of "Rice Blow Out" out of your mouth. 


North Texas (5-7): We have no idea what happened on Saturday but hey, crushing loss that will lead to qualifying for a bowl game because of your APR. 


Rice (3-9): Don’t know why you took a fight with Stanford but good on you for doing so. The results were, well, predictable. 


Texas State (2-9): One game left before the season mercifully ends. 8,000 fans came out last week vs. Troy so perhaps they thought the season was already over.

Posted on November 29, 2016 .