National Perspective: AKA The Return of Yaw Yaw.



Sometimes, things don’t make sense.

  • Egg Rolls at Jack in the Box
  • Capri’s on men
  • 2 broke girls 

The list could go on. Then, sometimes, thing happen that just work. If you took all of the NCAA division 1 coaches and lined them up and spent 5 minutes with them asking them questions, and then were asked to pick a football coach for LSU, and you didn’t pick Ed Orgeron, you have something wrong with you. That guy has been through the system. He has been a head coach, assistant coach, frog gigger, you name it. He has taken a team, which 8 weeks ago looked dead in the water, to a winning season. The Tiger offense has looked like a team that wanted to score points. Looked like a defense that could fight anyone on a Saturday. Here is the biggest thing. There may not be a coach in football today that wants a job more than Orgeron wants the LSU job. You can actually believe him when he says it isn’t about the money. It is a job he has dreamed about his whole life, and now he gets it. Now they may be in the same state they were at the beginning of the season in 3 years, but might as well give this guy a chance. And now, Tiger fans, enjoy this guy:


In 1990, The Buffs won the National Championship.

In the next 15 years, here are some highlights:

  • They went 118-62
  • Went to 12 Bowl Games and won 7 of those
  • Won 3 conference titles and 5 conference division titles

Pretty decent resume. In the last 10 years, here are the same highlights:

  • They went 35-88
  • Went to 1 bowl game, and lost
  • Won 0 Conference titles

Now, with Mike MacIntyre having his players in place, they are going to get to play for their first conference title in over 10 years. If you watch this team, they are disciplined, tough, smart and don’t know how to quit. Liufau isn’t the best QB in the conference, but the guy knows how the game works. He knows when he is beat and he know when he can make a play. He remind us a little bit of Mahommes, just not as good a passer. But he is tough to get down.

No matter what happens this weekend, the Buffs are winners and I think it is safe to say they are back

*On a side note, schools can take some lessons from Colorado. Look at Coach ManIntyre’s previous three years: 10-27 and dead last in the conference. It shows you that you need to give a coach 4-5 years to put his system and players into place.


Boise State

Losing to Air Force this week eliminated any chance for the Broncos to go to a New Years Six bowl. This loss did however help some other Broncos get to a New Years Six Bowl.


We can admit when we are wrong, and we were wrong on the Corn Huskers. I think it is safe to say they are somewhat back, but they still have a way to go. Before this weekend, this was this small glimmer of hope that they could MAYBE make the playoffs. Beat Iowa, and possibly get in the Big Ten title game. There were some other things that needed to happen, but it could pan out. 

But the Bog 10 spoiler Hawkeyes decided to ruin any chance of that. The Huskers have a bit of a climb, but could be back on top in 3-4 years.

The Market


Western Michigan

Continuing to ‘Row The Boat’ we love the Broncos. Maybe it’s the underdog story? Maybe it’s their offense that confuses opponents? Maybe it the fact that Coach Fleck starts listening to Christmas music in October? But we love these guys. They should earn a spot in a NY6 Bowl game this year. Projections have them playing Penn State at the Cotton Bowl in Dallas. That will be a must watch game. Regardless of how the year ends, Western Michigan (assuming PJ sticks around) is one to watch over the next few years)


If the Commodores can keep Derek Mason around (and the SEC east continues to throw up on themselves) they should be able to be a force over the next few years. Ending their season with wins against Ole Miss and Tennessee to get into a bowl, is a HUGE boost to a group of guys who have usually been the doormat of the SEC East. If you have some stock you are looking at buying, these guys aren’t half bad. Let’s be honest, the SEC is up for ANYONE (maybe even APP State) to win.



Things went from really really good to realy really bad quick. Starting the season with a big win against OU and then beating Cincinnati was a good start. Everyone was talking about the Cougars joining the Big 12 and possibly even making the CFP if they could beat Louisville in the middle of the season. Then a string of events happened that most UH fans want to forget. They didn’t get into the Big 12. They lost to Navy and SMU. Rumors that their coach could be leaving were everywhere, and then capping of the regular season with a loss to Memphis. 

You can’t help but feel sorry for Houston now, because all of their hopes and expectations are scattered and there is no telling what happens next.

State of Texas

This is the first time since the mid-90s that a college football team from the state of Texas is not ranked in the top 25. (I can’t claim that fact, read it on twitter) But after doing some research, it is true. That is a tough pill to swallow when you think about all of the talent we have in this state. Not one team could crack the AP poll this week. And I think the best team may be … fill inthe blank, because I have no idea. 

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