What We Saw: UTSA 45 Middle Tennessee 25

Is this the biggest win in UTSA history? Probably. The Roadrunners waltzed into an Eastern Division contender's house and dominated start to finish. 

Here's what we saw:

- UTSA played with purpose. We like Joel Klatt. You might not but we do. He talks a lot about purpose vs. hope. Good teams attack games with an intentional purpose. Bad teams rely on hope. UTSA played with a purpose today. The Roadrunner came out and played physically against a spread team, running the football and possessing it to the Blue Raiders' detriment. 

- UTSA won without an effective Dalton Sturm. Another huge step in the progression of the program, the Roadrunners didn't have to rely on Dalton Sturm "making a play" to win. They played grind it out, big boy football (with a purpose) and even though Sturm's performance was less than efficient, they kept their foot on the gas and never looked back. That's a huge sign of an improving football team. 

- The Louisiana Tech game next week is huge. Next week's game in Ruston is more than likely for the Western Division title. Who'd a thunk it? Not us. UTSA has derailed two CUSA contenders, Southern Miss and now MTSU and were it not for an inexcusable loss to UTEP, would be tied for the division lead. UTSA can settle that account next Saturday. 

UTSA travels to Louisiana Tech next Saturday. 

Posted on November 5, 2016 and filed under Southwest Round-Up, UTSA.