What We Saw: Appalachian State 35 Texas State 10

That dull thud you heard on Saturday was Texas State's lead balloon offense failing to get off the ground. The result was a one sided 25 point win for Appalachian State and a sixth straight loss to FBS teams for Texas State. 

Here's what we saw.

- Texas State's run game was non-existent. For the game Texas State attempted 14 runs for 28 yards. Factor in four Tyler Jones sacks and it's still horrible. Texas State is the worst rushing team in the NCAA. One spot worse than UCLA. So much blame to go around, but the offensive line had no push or movement up front. Texas State won't win without running the football. They don't even have to run it well, just not terribly. 

- The defense got no rest. Texas State's defense wasn't bad Saturday, certainly they held their own at times, allowing only seven second half points. They were on the field a lot. Out of Texas State's seven first half possessions, five were three and outs. In the second half, out of six possession, four failed to pick up a first down. The final time of possession stats are camouflaged by a seventeen play drive in the first half and a thirteen play second half drive. 

- Appalachian State is the standard. Everett Withers' alma mater is the class of the Sun Belt. The Mountaineers didn't miss a beat when they jumped up to the FBS level. Their two losses are to Tennessee, in Knoxville, and Miami. They're a top 50 collegiate program, maybe better. Boone, North Carolina is not a recruiting hotbed and the facilities at App State aren't light years ahead of San Marvelous. The difference? They've recruited players that fit a system and created an identity. That's what Withers' challenge is at Texas State, forget 2016, turn over the roster with better players that fit a system and create an identity. Not the identity we saw Saturday, hopefully something much better.  

Posted on November 6, 2016 and filed under Southwest Round-Up, Texas State.