National Perspective: AKA Who is Western Michigan and Why are they Rowing Boats?

College football is right in the middle of the season. I would compare this to the time in The Real World where we have met all the house guests, and they have been living together for a few weeks. Then all of the sudden those that hate come out in full force. The drama that college football brings is great. Let's take a look at the week.


Western Michigan

Row the freaking boat. 

Row the freaking boat. 

I am writing this as I watch the College Football Playoff show. (I told a lady today that I was not going to watch election coverage and instead watch the CFP show. You would have thought I told her to get in the kitchen and make me a sandwich.) How are they only at 21, it is something we don't understand. Yes, we understand they are playing in a lower conference. But look at their non-conference schedule. They beat Northwestern and Illinois, decent Big 10 teams and continue to dominate their conference, winning by double digits. They just need to keep winning. Big.

Let's take a look at their team and what they have done this week.

Zach Terrell has a 71% completion, with 2300+ yards. 1 interception (ONLY ONE) and a QBR of 183.7 Jarvion Franklin has 1,000 yards with 113 YPG and 6 YPR.

On the defensive side, the Broncos have 11 forced interceptions. The Broncos should end the year undefeated, let's see what the committee does with them.

Penn State

Since their loss to Michigan state last month, they are 5-0, and it doesn't look like there are any losses on the horizon. Can they get some help from Ohio State and Michigan in the next few weeks?

Franklin's offense is finally clicking after a couple of years. His defense is stepping up when they need to most. Looking at the Lion's 2-headed monster consisting of Saquon Barkley and Trace McSorley. With McSorley having 2,000+ yards so far and a QBR of 144, if you pull guys out of the box to cover downfield, or blitz like crazy, Barkley will run all over you, 1,000+ yards and 11 TDs so far. They are tough to stop


Texas A&M

Let's start by giving the Aggies the benefit of the doubt. There is no way they should have been ranked four last week. That is a lot of pressure put on a team that isn't better then most of the teams in the top 10 below they were. The Aggies came out to prove that on Saturday. Maybe we should flip that. The Bulldogs came out to prove that on Saturday. The Aggies were given a bit of their own medicine. Fitzgerald played the best game of his career.

Watching the game, A&M was way out of their element. They constantly looked confused when Mississippi State had the ball. They were defending the play that weren't there. They were simply outmatched. With Trevor Knight out for the rest of the year, it is going to be tough for Aggie to stay in the top 10, past this week.


Do you remember that friend in high school that just didn't get it. The guy that would constantly ask the same girl out, over and over again, even after her saying she would rather lick the bathroom floor then go out with her. His world was population 1.

The Bears are the same way. I am not sure they could do anything worse right now I am

serious, any ideas. Maybe next week they will bring the women accusing the men of rape. And parade them around at halftime and have each player tell her she was wrong. and have the fans boo her off the field. Talk about the inmates running the asylum. And here is the bad news, that is just off the field.

Once you go on the field, they look like they are not playing as a team. Seth Russell was lost the entire game. Gary Patterson's defense played lights out. There were signs of Kenny Trill, but I think he will keep Hill this time

Baylor is done. And maybe done with just more of this season. What is next for them?



If you are in the SEC, you automatically get 3•5 spots higher in the rankings, and 10 points when you are playing out of conference. Unless of course you are Alabama, they are pretty good.

SEC plays the best magic act in college football. They claim the best conference and the best teams, but then ask you to ignore the East. There isn't a worst division in College football. Try to find one, it is a fun treasure hunt.


Ohio State & Michigan - These teams are playing some of the best college football now. The two dings are Michigan’s schedule and Ohio State losing to Penn State. Ohio State needs some help to get in, but it looks like these teams are playing their best football yet.

Nebraska - We are able to admit when we are wrong. We may not like to do it, but we can admit it. We want the Cornhuskers to be good. And they were trending that way, but getting curb stomped by Ohio State was not a good way to finish the weekend. Tommy Armstrong looks like he should be ok for next week, but they have a big up hill battle to finish strong.

SEC East- We talked about this earlier, but with Tennessee. Georgia and Florida playing themselves out of a division title, it's up for grabs. This isn't a typo, but Kentucky has a good chance to play for the division, in football.


Baylor at OU: may be the Big 121s only hope. Is there any way the Bears pull their head out and challenge the Sooners

Ole Miss at Texas A&M: Playing at Kyle Field is tough. on anyone. But if the Rebels can play up to their potential, this could be a good game. The game that drops the Aggies down to 14.

USC at Washington: The Huskies can now say they are going to play and beat a top 25 team. This should help their resume.

Michigan at Iowa - Last week, we said to watch out for the Mississippi State vs. Texas A&M game. Going into Starkville wasn't easy. This week, keep an eye on this game. Iowa may be the best team Michigan has played all year. Iowa has ono of the best coaches in football and has the able to really shake up the rankings.


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