State Title Weekend in Arlington is a Football Fans Dream

A brief public service announcement: if you're a fan of football, the greatest event in the state is taking place in Arlington at AT&T stadium this week.

Twelve football games to crown six champions from tiny Six-man schools  to mega suburb Six-A campuses, you should be there for part of it or all of it. It's the best bargain you'll find, $15 bucks plus parking you'll get to see a days worth of great football at one of the premier venues in the world. 

When we say one of the premier venues in the world, we mean it. I've gone the last three years, including last season's title weekend at NRG in Houston. NRG is what I imagine Fallujah to look like, lots of concrete barriers, angry guards, terrible food, lots of dilapidated abandoned buildings nearby, the vacant lot of Astroworld across the massive parking lot. It's not exactly hospitable. AT&T for all it's Death Star qualities is a great place to spend the day watching high school football. Hell, it's a great place to watch Gossip Girl reruns. 

You get unfettered access to the various lounges and amenities, the greatest of all are the family restrooms. Giant well appointed private potties with wifi access and room to spread out. After a few chili dogs there's nothing like spending a few minutes catching up on your reading in your own private master bath. 

My personal favorite day is Thursday, the small school championships. Four games, starting at 10 a.m. and ending somewhere around midnight if things kick off late in the nightcap. The entire population of these small towns packs up and comes to Arlington to see 16 year olds become legends. Two years ago Fairfield looked like it was left deserted based on the number of Eagle fans in attendance at the Death Star. The tiny towns of Bremond and Albany have a combined 3,000 citizens, they played in front of more than twice that at AT&T in 2014. 

This year for the first time the six man teams are worked into the mix on Wednesday with two state championship games. Six man football is the closest thing to basketball on grass you'll see. There's even a mercy rule when things get out of hand. It'll be a blast. 

Saturday night, 50,000 people or more will fill up AT&T for the 6A Division I finals. It's safe to say that there won't be a four day event with more high school football talent in one place than you'll see this week. Have a hot dog, surf the net in a lounge or your nearest family bathroom and enjoy the best high school football in America. 

Posted on December 13, 2016 and filed under Southwest Round-Up.