Tuesday Playcard

Who's the Most Stable Program in the State?

ESPN's Sam Khan asks whether A&M is the most stable program in the State. Head coach Kevin Sumlin certainly believes that the be the case. Sumlin, in spite of his seemingly constant hot seat designation, continues to win 8 plus games a year, even if he's prone to the November swoon. Khan looks at the five year win totals, a number we now have on all 12 of the Texas FBS schools. 

Baylor leads with 46 wins, but the as Khan points out the instability of the Briles departure raises serious questions moving forward. A&M comes second, 2 wins behind Baylor, followed by Houston at 43 and TCU at 40.

Looking at five year win totals things pan out like this:


North Texas set to play Army

The ever so rare bowl game rematch is about to take place in Dallas as North Texas tries to beat Army for a second time Tuesday. The Mean Green won 35 to 18 back in October, they've lost four of five since the win. Army gave up seven turnovers back in October, don't expect the Black  Knights to be nearly that charitable. 

The Mean Green bow season is as improbable as any in college football. North Texas suffered mass defections last offseason, leaving depth issues and rebuilt offensive line. Seth Littrell has pulled off an incredible coaching job in 2016, getting his charges ready every week in spite of losing its top rusher and passer during the season.

We can't wait to see what Littrell does at North Texas as he turns over his roster and builds the depth that fits his system. 

Minnesota's Mess

The AP's John Krawcynzski has a great blow by blow synopsis of the Minnesota bowl protest and its aftermath. It's a great read and that shows what happens when university policy intersects with a criminal investigation. A few interesting points:

- The case began with accusations prior to the season that five players had sexually assaulted a victim at an off-campus dormitory.

- The DA in Minneapolis refused to bring charges against any of the 5 players initially charged. 

- The number of alleged assailants grew from the initial 5 to 10 and perhaps as many as 20 according to the victim. 

- The University, using a different standard of proof, brought its own internal investigation and subsequently suspended the 10 athletes. 

- The remaining Minnesota players chose to boycott the bowl game based on several legitimate grounds, including the lack of a timely appeals process for the suspended players and fears that the appeals board would be heard by a board or group that was not reflective of the the athletes in question. 

It's a very good read and well worth your time. 

Mississippi State QB transfers to Texas State

Mississippi State's Damian Williams, a grad transfer, will be bringing his talents to San Marvelous. The QB room in San Marcos is barren with the graduation of Tyler Jones and just about everyone else transferring or signing with European squads. (Wait, what?) 

Williams made two starts for Mississippi State and played fairly well in both. He was the 17th rated player in Louisiana as a high school prospect. Look for Texas State to continue to turn over rocks and search every nook and cranny for another grad transfer or JC quarterback to fill out the depth chart. Year two is critical for Everett Withers and the 'Cats.