Disregard that Previous Post, It Totally Might Be Matt Rhule to Baylor

Well, never trust the internet, apparently instead of Blake Anderson to Baylor, Temple's Matt Ruhle is going to Waco. Screw us Al Gore.

So what do we know about Rhule? Well, he's a Temple, which is in Philadelphia, which is in Pennsylvania. You know how we checked off boxes for Blake Anderson, well Rhul doesn't check as many boxes but whatever, we ain't paying him.

Rhule is from Pennsylvania and played for Joe Paterno at Penn State. He's been an assistant coach at Albright (no idea where that is), Buffalo (south Canada), UCLA, Western Carolina, Temple, the New York Football Giants, and is now the head guy at Temple. Well until he's officially the head guy at Baylor.

What's missing? No Texas ties. He'll need a GPS and a buddy to recruit. Interesting move from Baylor as all along we've heard that someone that recruits and knows Texas is critical. The Texas high school coaches tend to be a territorial bunch, and they loved them some Art Briles. They'll need to get used to Matt Rhule.

Rhule has gone 28-23 at Temple, including back to back 10 win seasons. He's considered more offensively conservative on the spectrum, so he's a change but he does bring a run first identity that should matchup ok.

Call us skeptical, but whatever. It ain't our money.

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Posted on December 6, 2016 and filed under Baylor, Southwest Round-Up.