National Perspective: AKA Commisioner for a Day

We thought for a while what we were going to hit on this week. Nationally, we saw the same thing we have seen all year. We can make up random scenarios and look at things that may mix up the polls, but at the end of the day, Alabama is the best team in the country. I actually think Washington may give them a little bit of trouble, but beyond that, they will roll.

Why you ask Washington? (Let me preface this with “I am just trying to make some sort of news out of nothing) Alabama hasn’t seen a QB like Browning or an offense like the one they will see from Petersen. Will it be enough to slow the tide, most likely not, but it may be the only thing that kind of slows them down.

Everything is set. Teams that are going to bowls have been notified. And speaking of bowls, here are 5 that intrigue us:

Texas Bowl – Texas A&M vs Kansas State

This will be a great Big 12 rematch. Looking at the year, and from history, everything screams the Aggies going in and beating the Wildcats. Of course, that means you are forgetting about the Wizard himself. Bill Snyder will be prepared. He will have his team making their normal 8 minute drives, and it will wear out the Aggie defense. Their offense won’t slow down long enough to give the D a break.

Liberty Bowl- Georgia vs TCU

It is always fun to see a Big 12 and SEC matchup. And these two teams have tremendously underwhelmed this year. Can the Bulldogs score on Patterson’s staunch defense?

Music City Bowl – Nebraska vs Tennessee

It was no secret that we loved Nebraska, maybe a little too much. The Huskers will get to face a Jekyll and Hyde offense, you never know which team you are going to get every week. But if Butch Jones has his team playing to their potential, this will be tough night for Nebraska. However, that is a major IF. Possibly, an impossible IF

Cotton Bowl – Western Michigan vs Wisconsin

Let’s see if the SWC darling can pull off a win against a great Badger defense. We have been touting the Broncos all year. Now it is time to see they can Row That Boat right over Wisky’s head, or run it right to the bottom of Lake Jerry World.

Citrus Bowl – LSU vs Louisville

If the Tigers can pull of this win, I think it will help make their Coach O decision look good. But if Lamar Jackson can come in and run all over them, it is going to be a tough off season for LSU.

Commish for a Day

Instead of beating the already beaten dead horse that is the CFP, we thought we could talk in hypotheticals, or as we like to call it “Anything on ESPN right now.”

So if a Genie came down and granted us the opportunity to run the playoffs, here are the slight changes we would make.

Disband the Big 12. Let’s be honest, this is close to almost happening. There is no reason they should still be a conference. The leadership couldn’t lead JFF out of a church on fire right now. So we get rid of them and divvy them up. (Unfortunately, we have to also bump the Jayhawks, possibly to the MAC)

Currently, here are the number of teams currently in the remaining 4 conferences.

Pac-12 – 12

Big 10 – 14

SEC – 14

ACC – 15

With this in mind, we would do the following:

Move Texas, Texas Tech, Baylor and TCU to the Pac 12.  Texas would only have to battle USC in a pissing match. Put those 4 teams, along with Arizona, Arizona State, Colorado and Utah into one division and the rest in the other.

Move Oklahoma and Oklahoma State to the Big 10. Move Purdue to the West division and put OU and OSU in the West division.

Move Iowa State and Kansas State to the SEC. This will be the toughest sell, because we all know how good (SEC East) the SEC is and how (SEC East) they are the best all around (SEC East) conference in football and no team (SEC East) can even compete with them.

Move West Virginia to the ACC.

Expand the playoffs to 8 teams

4 conference champions

2 next best power 5 teams

2 best group of 5 teams

Seeding is similar to what we have today

With this model, you get the 4 best conference team, and 2 second best teams. There is always going to be the team left out, but at least now the teams have something to play towards. Feel free to poke holes.

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