Tuesday Morning Scatter Shootin'

Seth Russell has been cleared to almost play football

Baylor’s first starting quarterback of 2015, (not Jarrett Stidham, not Chris Johnson, the quarterback who used to be a wide receiver, not the wide receiver guy who used to be a quarterback, and not one of the 7 guys who played QB in the bowl game) Seth Russell, is cleared to return to workouts. No exactly football, but conditioning, weights, etc. Russell fractured a vertebra against Iowa State in October and spent the next two months in an awesome neck brace. 

Russell will be part of an interesting quarterback battle once he’s cleared to return to contact drills.

The Future of the Big 12 is coming…maybe

Oklahoma president David Borren has made clear the direction he’d like to see the Big 12 take. Simple. Expand to 12 teams. Play a conference title game. Start a Big 12 Network. 

Great. Now let’s just get Texas to agree.

Oh, and give up their 300 million dollar cash cow. 

Later this week the Big 12’s chancellors, presidents and ADs meet in Irving to start mapping out some sort of future for the conference. Maybe something like "One Conference, One Champion."

Conference USA trying to help athlete’s time management

C-USA passed a resolution that mandates no athletic related activities for two weeks after completion of an athletic season. The conference will also require member institutions to conduct time management sessions for all incoming student athletes.

Davis Webb transfers to Colorado

Davis Webb made it official last week, transferring to Colorado as a coveted graduate transfer. "I just know it's a good fit with Colorado," Webb said. "I really like what Coach Mac (Mike MacIntyre) and (OC) Coach (Brian) Lindgren are doing with the offense. I like that they are scheduled to play eight preseason Top 25 teams. I'll have a good chance to showcase my ability on the road at Oregon and at Michigan. I will get plenty of exposure to pursue my dream of playing in the NFL.

"I really feel Colorado is just a couple of players from taking that next step to where the Colorado Buffaloes have been before (in the Top 25) and where Colorado should be."

Webb must complete 9 more credit hours to gain admittance into CU, but should do so by the summer. Webb appeared to be the quarterback of the now and the future in 2013 after his play and Raiders Holiday Bowl win but Webb lost some 50 pounds prior to the 2014 season due to an illness, losing his job to Baker Mayfield. In 2015 Webb was beaten out by Patrick Mahomes for the Tech quarterback job.

Best of luck to Davis at Colorado.

Corby Meekins has become a recruiting ace at Houston

Former Westfield coach Corby Meekins has turned in some great recruiting results for the Houston Cougars. Meekins’ recruiting prowess is in part due to his incredible connections with the high school coaching community around the Houston area. Meekins is one of the latest in a trend of high school coaches who’ve become great recruiters and coaches at the collegiate level. Art Briles went from Stephenville to Texas Tech and eventually Houston and Baylor. Phillip Montgomery was one of Briles’ most important lieutenants before getting his own gig at Tulsa. SMU’s Chad Morris coached in Bay City, Elysian Fields, Stephenville, and Lake Travis. Mike Jinks went from Steele High School north of San Antonio to Texas Tech, then to Bowling Green as a head coach. 

More are making their marks like Meekins as assistants. Claude Mathis, Jeff Traylor, Dallas Lincoln, Zarnell Fitch, Michael Slater, and Joe Gillespie are all former high school head coaches who are making bones at the college level.

In honor of Bob Ueker’s birthday, we bring you the top 5 play by play men of all-time. 

5. Keith Jackson: Jackson narrated almost every major college football experience I can remember, whoa Nellie he was good. 

4. Marv Albert: yes, Marv is freaky, but he was the voice of the 1980’s NBA for, when the NBA was great and the Clippers were awful. 

3. Doc Emrick: Most of you have never watched a hockey game let alone one that Emrick called. You are missing out. 

2.Vin Sculley: The city of Los Angeles just named a street after Vin. Might as well name the Stadium after him, he’s still the voice of the Dodgers since 1950. 

1. Howard Cossell: Does it get better that Howard in a booth with Frank and Dandy Don? No, no it doesn’t. His moments with Muhammad Ali are still classics.