Your Monday Morning Playcard

Blake Bogenschutz’s Playing Career is Over

Sad news out of UTSA, as quarterback Blake Bogenschutz's playing career is over. UTSA announced Tuesday that Bogenschutz has been forced to retire because of "lingering concussion-like symptoms." Bogenschutz was a highly regarded recruit out of Carthage High School starting five games for the Roadrunners in 2015 and holds the single game passing record at UTSA.

"This has been one of the toughest situations, if not the toughest, that I have encountered over the course of my life," Bogenschutz said in a team statement. "As much as I love football, I respect the doctors' decision to end my career. Despite my strong love and passion for the game, I have come to peace and realization that my health is more important than a game. I find peace in that I played every down with all of my heart and always left everything I had out on the field. Concussions are a serious deal in this day and age and I have learned that first-hand. My mind and heart are on good terms with walking away from it all knowing that it could've easily gotten worse."

In a class move by the Roadrunners, coach Frank Wilson is keeping Bogenschutz on as a student assistant. “We are ecstatic that Blake will remain a part of the UTSA football program as a student assistant,” new UTSA coach Frank Wilson said. “It certainly is an unfortunate situation that he will no longer be able to play the game he loves, but we are very fortunate that he will continue to be a part of the UTSA family.” Well done coach.

The Roundup wishes Bogenschutz the best in whatever he chooses to pursue. We saw Bogie play against Kilgore in the State title game back in 2013 at AT&T. You could tell he was a gamer. Feel better Bogie.

Prayers for Johnny Manziel

Bad news continues to roll in for Johnny Manziel. After starting the offseason in a whig and fake mustache now authorities in Dallas are investigating Manziel in relation a domestic violence accusation from a former girlfriend.

Obviously domestic violence in any form is terrible and regardless of Manziel’s substance abuse issues, it’s unacceptable. Here’s hoping for justice to be served if necessary. Here’s also hoping that Manziel gets the help he needs to deal with what is clearly a substantial substance abuse issue. According to reports, Manziel’s family has attempted to check Johnny into rehab twice this week. We’re hoping he goes.

There are plenty of internet muscles flexing over Manziel’s failures and that’s certainly the random twitter thug’s prerogative, but we have very little understanding or empathy for substance abuse issues. What most perceive as a personal weakness is in typical a disease we tend to discount.  Having personal and professional experience with individuals who suffer from addiction I feel safe in saying that until Johnny gets help, Johnny is not in control. His disease is. Imagine your own habitual behavior, whether it’s food related, relationship based, or substance based and then combine that with an intense, dare we say addictive, coping desire that stems from that dependence and we get a partial look at what the addict deals with day to day.

At this point, his football career has to wait until Johnny gets life off the field in order.

David Boren is not the Big 12 spokesman. Anymore.

The Big 12 ADs, presidents, and chancellors met last week to help steer the future of the Big 12. No big decisions were made, though a title game in 2016 seems remote. No additions to the league lineup. Sit down UConn. But perhaps the only issue that was addressed is that the league will defer to commissioner Bob Bowlsby on all matters related to the future of the conference.

This appears to be a gag order targeting the like of OU’s president David Boren who has come out guns loaded and aimed at that school down in Austin and it’s TV network. Apparently the league has had enough of random administrators directing the narrative. So for now Boren will go ahead and keep quiet with the rest of the class while master of communication Bob Bowlsby mans the ship. That’s sarcasm kids. You know the part about Bowlsby’s communication skills.

Your 2016 Football Schedules, or at least what we know of them.

9/3 vs. Northwestern State

9/10 vs. SMU

9/17 at Rice

9/24 vs. 20 Oklahoma State

10/1 at Iowa State

10/15 vs. Kansas

10/29 at Texas

11/5 vs. 7 TCU

11/12 at 5 Oklahoma

11/19 vs. Kansas State

11/25 at Texas Tech

12/3 at West Virginia

09/03/16 at Western Kentucky

09/10/16 at Army West Point

09/17/16 vs. Baylor

09/24/16 vs. North Texas

10/01/16 at Southern Miss

10/15/16 vs. UTSA

10/22/16 vs. Prairie View A&M

10/29/16 at Louisiana Tech

11/05/16 vs. Florida Atlantic

11/12/16 at Charlotte

11/19/16 vs. UTEP

11/26/16 at Stanford

Sept. 3 vs. UCLA

Sept. 10 vs. Prairie View A&M

Sept. 17 at Auburn

Sept. 24 vs. Arkansas (AT&T Stadium)

Oct. 1 at South Carolina

Oct. 8 vs. Tennessee

 Oct. 22 at Alabama

Oct. 29 vs. New Mexico St.  

Nov. 5 at Mississippi St.

Nov. 12 vs. Ole Miss

Nov. 19 vs. UTSA

Nov. 24 vs. LSU

Sept. 3 South Dakota State

Sept. 10 Arkansas

Sept. 17 Iowa State

Sept. 24 at SMU

Oct. 1 Oklahoma

Oct. 8 at Kansas

Oct. 22 at West Virginia

Oct. 29 Texas Tech

Nov. 5 at Baylor

Nov. 19 Oklahoma State

Nov. 24 at Texas

Dec. 3 Kansas State


Sept. 10 at Texas

Sept. 17 ARMY


Oct. 1 at Louisiana Tech

Oct. 8 FIU

Oct. 15 BYE

Oct. 22 at UTSA



Nov. 12 at Florida Atlantic

Nov. 19 at Rice


Sept. 3 SMU

Sept. 10 Bethune-Cookman

Sept. 17 at Florida

Sept. 24 at Rice

Oct. 1 Middle Tennessee

Oct. 8 Marshall

Oct. 22 at Army

Oct. 29 at Texas-San Antonio

Nov. 5 Louisiana Tech

Nov. 12 at Western Kentucky

Nov. 19 Southern Miss

Nov. 26 at UTEP


Sept. 10: UTEP

Sept. 17: at California

Oct. 1: at Oklahoma State

Oct. 8: vs. Oklahoma (Dallas)


Oct. 22: at K-State

Oct. 29: BAYLOR

Nov. 5: at Texas Tech


Nov. 19: at Kansas

Nov. 24: TCU


Sept. 10 at Arizona State



Oct. 8 at Kansas State



Oct. 29 at TCU

Nov. 5 TEXAS

Nov. 12 at Oklahoma State

Nov. 19 at Iowa State

Nov. 25 vs. Baylor (AT&T Stadium)

Sept. 3Alabama State

Sept. 10at Colorado State

Sept. 17Arizona State

Sept. 24at Old Dominion

Oct. 8 Southern Miss

Oct. 15at Rice

Oct. 22 UTEP

Oct. 29 North Texas

Nov. 5 at Middle Tennessee

Nov. 12 at Louisiana Tech

Nov. 19 at Texas A&M

Nov. 26 Charlotte

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