SMU's William Barns Retires From Football Due to Injury

Per SMU lineman William Barns will retire from football effective immediately due to injury. 

“I tore my labrum against East Carolina,” he said. “I had torn it a coupe times before, but it had never hurt enough to be a problem. Usually, it would hurt for a day or two and then the pain would go away. But when I hurt it against ECU, the pain just didn't go away and didn't go away, until we just decided to get surgery because there wasn't any way I could play with it. The labrum is completely healed now, but with the pain still hanging around (doctors) think there could be a problem with my capsule, or my scar tissue is just taking longer than normal to go away.”

Barns played both guard and center for the Mustangs since arriving on the Hilltop from…well technically the Hilltop at Highland Park High School. Barns started one game in 2016 at left guard. This is not all bad news, Barns graduates next week and will attend the MBA program at SMU. Best of luck William.

“Between my shoulder surgery and graduation, I have decided to move on,” Barns said. “I loved my time playing football at SMU, but think that my future lies in making the most out graduate school. I double majored in mathematics and management science. It was a very tough decision for me, but the coaches were extremely supportive and understanding, which was very helpful. They have made it clear that I am always welcome to come by and still be involved with the team, which is really cool.



Posted on June 24, 2016 and filed under Southwest Round-Up.