Throwback Thursday: 1981 Sun Bowl Houston vs. Oklahoma

Let's go back in time to the 1981 Sun Bowl a magical moment of incredible afros, broadcast blazers, the wishbone, and the Houston veer. Do you like the forward pass? F-off. This is a mans game. 


- At the five minute mark the play by play man notes that the OU offensive line averages 266 pounds and that "it's gigantic." Most 6A teams in Texas are bigger than that these days. 

- OU finished second in the Big 8 in 1981. The Big 8, for you kids born after 1995, was a collegiate, regional football league in the midwest and it was BLEEPING AWESOME. 

- Houston finished third in the Southwest Conference in 1981. The Southwest Conference, for you kids born after 1995, was the greatest league in the history of mankind. That's a documented fact. 

- The Cougars were coached by legend Bill Yeoman, an offensive genius. Yeoman developed the "Houston Veer", a modified slot T, that called on the quarterback to read both the defensive tackle and the defensive end rather than just the defensive end in a classic option look. 

- The veer worked real well for the Cougs and confounded opponents in the late 70's and early 80's.

- The 1981 Cougars lost to Howard Schellenberger's Miami Hurricans 12-7 at the Orange Bowl earlier in the '81 season. The other losses came to A&M and SMU back to back in '81 and tied Texas. 

- The Cougars joined the SWC in 1976 and promptly went 10-2 and made the Cotton Bowl. 

- Houston won 3 titles in their first four years in the league. 

- Oklahoma ran the beautiful and mesmerizing wishbone. 

- Barry Switzer coached the Sooners in '81, his 8th year in Norman. His teams would win National Titles in '74, '75 and '85 and finish in the top five ten times in 16 years. 

- Oklahoma completed 41 passes during the entire 1981 season. 41. 

- Houston by contrast was a passing machine by comparison with 101 completions. 

- Hunter himself, Fred Dwyer, performs the sideline duties and probably apprehended several criminals and made out with various co-eds during the course of the game. 

Enjoy the option.  

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